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Zynon Cripton is a main character in the series Simien 10, Simien 10: Polyverse, Simien 10: Blood Monkey and a minor character in Splix 10.


Zynon looks like UAF Brainstorm, but with a slightly different shade of orange and purple eyes. Zynon's leg is robotic and colored grey.

In Blood Monkey, Zynon's Hexatrix is on his waist belt.


Zynon's personality is similar to other Cerebrocrustaceans, as he is highly intelligent, egoistical and pretentious. Despite these traits, he cares very much for his team.

Zynon is much less violent than other gang leaders, due to his previous civilian background.


Zynon was raised along with his brother Zyrokks in Undertown. The two had a rivalry between them as children, usually about who's the smarter between them.

As an adult, Zynon worked his way through university, finding a job later on as a part of an quantum physics research team, meeting his lab partner Pegajoso there.

Zynon was eventually disgracefully fired from his lab due to his committing of business fraud, which landed him for a couple of years in prison, along with his lab partner Pegajoso.

Finding it impossible to get a job, Zynon sought his brother for help, who ran a weapon dealing gang in Undertown at the time. Zyrokks agreed to take him in, giving him and Pegajoso high ranking jobs within his organization. The two meet Ic Cryoheilo, another high ranking person in Zyrokks' organization.

Sometime after finding a Hexatrix, a fight broke off between Zynon and Zyrokks, which later on leaded to the Bellwood Bombing. Zynon was arrested along with his brother and put on trial, but was proven innocent and released while his brother was incarcerated. Pegajoso later on left the gang as well.

Zynon then took over his brother's gang, making sure it ran smoothly, and raised Simien and Vorkus within the gang mansion.

Simien 10: Blood Monkey

In All Falls Down, Zynon sends Simien, Ic, and Vorkus to take down Aiken Veeblepister, a Lenopan Hex who stole a gun from their arsenal. After the trio take the gun back, Zynon discovers a tracking device hidden within the gun, tracking the location of the mansion. Realizing Zyrokks managed to escape and is searching for revenge, Zynon leads Simien to his second Hexatrix.

Zyrokks raids the mansion, and after a short fight with Zynon, transforms into Destroyer and begins destroying the mansion. Catching on to Zynon before he escapes, Destroyer manages to vacuum him into his matter ingestion, grinding him to dust and killing him.

Zynon's legacy is avenged by his Hexes, Simien, Ic, and Vorkus.


  • Enhanced Intelligence
  • Electrokinesis
  • Levitation
  • Forcefield Generation
  • Electrical Telekinesis


  • Robotic Leg

Zynon's robotic leg also has additional features, such as laser firing.


Closing Zynon's shell while he is releasing electricity can shock and injure his brain. Water can also injure his brain if he uses his electricity while his brain is wet.

Zynon's metal leg can be magnetized or electrocuted.

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