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This is non-canon and does not have to do with the series Cassie 12: Omniverse's timestream.

Zuth aka Sir Ziriticus made his first appearance in Cassie 12: Original Series, in A Startling Revelation after Tailiz's presumed death.

Physical Description[]

Zuth has been formally described as the version of SpeedGate combined into Corefreeze with gigantic wings that have holes inside as his feet are pryo-shaped and bares a cunning resemblance to Corefreeze's head design on SpeedGate or having the head of Corefreeze. It's clearly a debate for his enemies to argue over.

His hands are giant like Heatblast's with webs in between his fingers. He has double jointed legs. His voice is broader and more serious without the voice of Daffy Duck. He's been rumored to have a black mustache growing on his face. Just rumors. riiighhht?


In A Startling Revelation, he has been revealed to be able to control in all of the elements aside from H20 quality and capable of switching his body color to any said element: Plant, rock, fire, lava, and water. He is wiser, a lot more stupid than Tailiz as mentioned in the first episode he was introduced in.

As being hinted, he is a powerful foe that one should not dare to cross unless he/she is a maniac or in a dangerous situation that could be sticky.

But then in Fire Mayhem, he told Tailiz about killing the Loboan he fell in love with so he wouldn't be discovered to have the mutant as his pupil since most villains consider him as a shame. He didn't seem to care a bit for him at all.