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Zuropterans are a species of Bat-like aliens from Anur Transyl.


A Zuropteran appears as a small bat-like alien with brown skin. Around its neck is a mass of fluffy white fur. Their wings are brown and possess 3 fingered hands, with peach patagia. They possess 2-toed feet.

Females have rounded designs and the fluff around their necks lack spikes. Young ones have fluff all over their body.


Zuropterans live much like earth bats, living in colonies of a thousand. These flocks have a fission-fusion social structure, where large numbers of them congregate in one roosting area, along with breaking up and mixing of subgroups. Within these societies, they are able to maintain long-term relationships. They are polgynous.

Powers and Abilities

Being a bat-like species, they have the ability to fly by flapping their wings. Despite their Aerophibian like design, they are incapable of gliding and can't fly as fast.

As their Omnitrix DNA Sample's name suggests, they can unleash pink hypnotic waves via screaming allowing them to mind control foes who are struck by it. They can also use their sound waves as an attack of as echolocation. They are also immune to mind based attacks and being hypnotised (to an extent) themselves.

They can create tornados by flapping their wings hard enough.

Their feet are prehensile and are used to lift stuff. They strong enough to carry a Appoplexian using these feet. These feet also possess sharp claws to fight with alongside their fangs.

As an Anur System Alien, they have night vision and Corrodium Immunity.


A Zurpoteran's small size gives them a disadvantage in battle if they fail to hypnotise foes.

Their hypnosis is ineffective on Florauna and deaf beings.

They are vulnerable to a Pyronite's fire, electricity, Toepick's face, a Corruptura, strong winds, and a Necrofriggian's ice breath.

Notable Zurpoterans


  • Zurpoteran is based on "Chipotera", the scientific name for bats, and Zubat.


  • They are genetically linked to Vladats, often being seen as descendants of the vampire-like race.
  • Zurpoterans consider the Human Age of 15-16 to be when they reach adulthood.
  • Transylians consider this Species as a delicacy, but don't usually eat it due to their small size not having a lot of nutrients.