Zonesia is a planet that is home to the Zonessectoids in Ten: The New Generation.

Zonesia is known for its pink illustrious glow


It is a beautiful planet home to many fairy and nymph like creatures. It is surrounded by a faded purple atmosphere. It is filled with many Earth materials, in fact, the atmosphere is exactly the same as Earth's. Except in this planet, plants produce carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen and inhabitants breath in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen, but there is an immortal plant, the Fairy Tree of Rose who produces everlasting oxygen and carbon dioxide equally while the civilians and other plants help each other as well. The planet is filled with many cities and locations, each prosperous.


Long ago, when the dark forces tried conquering this almost-empty planet, it was the warrior Rose, who stopped the army. Eventually she completely wiped out the dark army and began to have the planet expand. Along with she, many of her friends, and many of her family they all helped to establish the populated planet. They developed war strategy and eventually as the Zonessectoids began spawning from eggs, the planet was bustling and became the glowing, illustrous planet.

Known Inhabitants



  • Fairy Tree of Rose
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