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My Fanon self wearing a belt with her Trixes symbol like a boss

Speedy wearing a belt with her Trix's symbol on it.

Side: Good

Team: Zon's Team (No Name Yet)


Speedy wears a Purple Sweatshirt over a black T-Shirt, reaching down to about the cuffs. On her right wrist is a Purple Omnitrix, called the Oneneistrix. It gives her the ability to transform into EXLR8, Ghostfreak, and Fasttrack.


Speedy has the awesome power of Speed, Talking Fast, Super-Speed, and using the Oneneistrix.

Breif History[]

Speedy grew up in a small town with just her father, she never met her mom. That town's name is Heaven, because most of it's inhabitants think it is the perfect and protected place in the world. It is Controlled by The Purifiers, though not much is known about them yet. She obtained her abilities from her Omnitrix, the Oneneistrix. She got it when she broke into The Purifiers base one day, they were working on it in a secret Lab, and when she picked it up, it latched onto her wrist and gave her powers.