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BBO Zombozo.png
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Agency HQ Holding Cells
Age Unknown
Affiliations Vilgax
The Circus Freaks
Occupation(s) Criminal
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Limb Extension
Illusion Generation
Enhanced Agility
Equipment Psyclown
Alias "Clown" - Most People
Voice Actor John DiMaggio
First Appearance The Alliance (BBO)

Zombozo is a mutated Human from Earth in Bryce Bowman: Origins.


Zombozo bears the appearance of a zombified clown. He wears a black jacket over a white shirt. The jacket's sleeves are striped, black and white. His nose is large, as a clown's should be, but is a dark blue instead of red.


We know that he owned and worked in a circus to steal the laughter of his audience.


His goal was to defeat Bryce and bring him to Vilgax.


Zombozo first appeared in Secret Revealed, recruiting the Circus Freaks for Vilgax and breaking them out of prison.

In The Alliance (BBO), Zombozo lead Vulkanus and the Circus Freaks in an attempt to capture Bryce.

In Secrets: Part 1 and 2, Zombozo helped Vilgax capture Bryce, along with the rest of the Alliance, and then later demanded payment, but Vilgax wouldn't supply.

In Last Laugh (BBO), Zombozo tried to get away with opening his circus again, but was defeated and killed by Ghostfreak.


Zombozo is portrayed as a grim and cruel clown with a dark sense of humor. In his latest appearance, this was shown by him enjoying making dark jokes about his enemies and his feeding, even when acting (i.e.: "Laughter truly is the best medicine...for me!"). He displays sadistic and psychopathic behavior, using lethal weapons. It was even suggested at the beginning of his comeback he had buried someone. So far, he's the only known person that Charmcaster fears besides her uncle Hex.

Powers and Abilities

Zombozo is able to teleport in an explosion of smoke and confetti.

Zombozo could terrorize Bryce by creating illusions.

Zombozo can stretch his arms very far.

Zombozo feeds on fear, as well as laughter.


In his latest appearance, Zombozo was using a machine called the "Psyclown" to give him the ability to drain happiness from people when they're laughing. This left them depleted, weakened and sad. In the most extreme case, it even seemed to age people, as it did with Gwen. The machine was connected to him by a line, giving him the ability to fly.




  • Zombozo bears a striking resemblance to The Joker
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