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                      This is an episode of the series Evfnye 10.

Zombie Medicine is the twenty-second episode of Evfnye 10.


Evfnye as Ghostfreak is admiring the powers of the new alien, having flown around his house and possessed a random mouse. He states he loves this alien, and decides to possess a random human he finds under a tree, but finds out he cannot possess it because he was a zombie. He rips out his skin to increase his potential, but still can't possess the zombie, and becomes vulnerable to sunlight. He grabs the zombie and puts him under the tree. He transforms back to human, but the zombie attacks him. He runs away and hides in his headquarter. He analizes the thing that looks like a virus, and tries to find a cure. He finds a strange relation with gold, the virus and an unknown chemical component from the eye of spiders. He tries to track where the virus comes from, and follows the path. He finds a large amount of infected zombies, and they proceed attacking him. Evfnye activates the Omnitrix to transform into a new alien, Cannonbolt. He quickly figures out how to use him, and rolls around, neutralizing zombies. He breaks into the building from which the zombies come from, and falls into a laboratory, where a 20-year-old woman is shocked to see a big rolling alien, and even more shocked when he transforms back to Evfnye. She reveals her name to be Stephanie Karlie, and she explains she is experimenting with zombie viruses to show she is nuber one at this. Evfnye tells they need to find a cure, and after a lot of arguing, he convinces her to work on a cure. They work together to find the cure proposed by Evfnye. He says goodbye to the scientist and uses Stinkfly to spray the cure. After all the zombies are cured, Stinkfly reverts back to Evfnye and he is on the way to save that one zombie he left in his headquarter.

Noteworthy Events

  • Evfnye displays a liking for new aliens.
  • Cannonbolt makes his debut.
  • A zombie virus is cured.


Aliens Used


  • This episode was made due to coronavirus spreading.
  • Stephanie Karlie's name is an allusion to Stefan Karl Stefansson, famous for playing Robbie Rotten in Lazy Town and performing the song "We are Nuber One".
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