General Information
Species Ormerowon
Home World Anur Ormerow
Body Undead Prismosapien
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Detachable Limbs
Infection Bite
Enhanced Durability
Acid Projectiles
Living Limbs
First Appearance TBA

Zombi is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Ormerowon from the planet Anur Ormerow.


Zombi looks like a Prismosapien, except for his body being a dark purple color. His helmet is cracked in some places, leaking a sick green substance. His teeth are shaped like humans' teeth, except for being cracked and the canines are a bit longer and curved. His left arm has one finger missing, while the other arm has the whole hand missing. He wears Neon's hoodie but it's torn. His left pant leg is torn completely at the knee level, while the other one is stitched. While the left leg has his sneaker, his right is missing it. His left eye is always half-closed.

He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Zombi can detach his limbs and used them as weapons.

One bite of his could spread the Ormerowon virus to others. (The virus' effects are cured when the Omnitrix times out)

He doesn't feel any pain, because he's missing pain receptors.

He can shoot acid projectiles from his mouth.

The detached limbs are still alive and can spread the virus if they scratch somebody.


He's very slow.

He can only communicate through grunts and moans.

He can became threat for bystanders and allies.

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