General Information
Species: Ormerowon
Home World: Anur Ormerow
DNA Source: Unknown Ormerowon
Body: Decaying Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts: Zombedo (Albedo)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Zombie Stuff
Classification: Fauna
First Appearance: TBA

ZomBen is an alien transformation created for Ben 10: Milky Way Race. He is available for free use.


ZomBen's abilities include:

  • Zombification Virus
    • When ZomBen pulls down his mask, his incredibly sharp fang-like teeth allow him to break through the skin and armor of most species, infecting them with a virus that propagates in his mouth. Once the victim is infected, it becomes a mindless drone that can spread the disease by touch.
  • Zombie Control
    • Once a victim is infected with the zombie virus, ZomBen can manipulate them to his will, essentially creating an entire personal army.
  • Necromantic Spit
    • While ZomBen is unable to infect the living without biting them, he can transfer his virus to dead bodies simply by spitting on them, allowing him to raise an army of the dead if there are no living creatures around to work with.
  • Limited Immortality
    • Unless ZomBen's brain is destroyed, his body will always restore itself to its original state on command.
  • Disembodied Limb Control
    • ZomBen can take advantage of his immortality by breaking off body parts and controlling their movements from a distance. He can also command the limbs of any undead under his influence, although this may lead to a good amount of confusion in large groups.


Destroying ZomBen's brain will kill him permanently/force the Omnitrix to undo the transformation.

If ZomBen switches to another alien or reverts to human, his virus will dissipate, releasing everything under his control.

While his teeth are sharp enough to cut through metal, certain substances are simply too sturdy for him to bite through.

ZomBen is inherently bestial to some degree, possessing a more violent personality than most of its users usually have.


Despite being named after Ben, this transformation is primarily used by Albedo due to its morally questionable abilities. Zombedo's bestial nature is shown to be worsened by Albedo's inflated ego, turning him into an almost animalistic creature obsessed with preserving his own pride.


  • TBA


  • ZomBen's name is a callback to OS's naming scheme for the Anur aliens.
  • ZomBen's appearance is vaguely based on Dangerous Zombie from Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

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