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Zoehnoidd is a planet that is home to the Yeer Screamers, Cas, Aas, and Tas in EBFA.


Zoehnoidd is more of a constellation than a planet. It is a constellation of a dog/bat/pig/goat/bear thingy. Most people think it has 207 regular sized stars, but instead, it has 141 big stars. There are several Yeer Screamers, Cas, Aas, and Tas on each star.


A long time ago, this constellation was made, and in the area and shape it was in, Yeer Screamers formed. They were made to be annoying, but they had no one to annoy, since Yeer Screamers cannot annoy theirselves or other Yeer Screamers. One time, there was a planet called Felinus, with cat-like creatures. But it got in a war with Caninus, a planet with dog-like creatures. One of the dog-like creatures ended the war by inventing a large ray that turned Felinus into a bunch of asteroids that would crash into the a sun. But the asteroids flew by Zoehnoidd, and the Yeer Screamers rescued them. The asteroids still crashed into the sun, which caused an explosion and split the creatures into Cas, Aas, and Tas. Yeer Screamers now annoy these aliens.

Known Inhabitants[]

  • Yeer Screamers
  • Cas
  • Aas
  • Tas