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Zilemm is a villain in the series Simien 10. His full name is Zilemm Kloros, but in the episode "Home Sweet Home", he changed his name to Zilann because he was in a upgraded form.

At the end of "Home Sweet Home", he was turned into stone and crushed. Though he was thought to be dead, a small seed was sent from his back at the last second, and then it grew into a miniature Zilemm. This means he isn't dead. He appeared in the episodes (by order): Sick of Plants and Home Sweet Home.

Zilemm while evolving to Zilann


Zilemm powers

  • Stretching his arms
  • Throwing explosive seeds from his back
  • Controlling plants

Zilann powers

  • Stretching his arms
  • Shooting spikes
  • Controlling plants
  • Regenerating
  • Size changing (if he doesn't have enough water he can't grow so big)
  • Super strenght


  • Freezing. As Zilann, he didn't have that weakness anymore

Species and planet

Species: Flourana

Planet: Flors Verdance


As Zilemm, he looked like a normal Flourana

As Zilann, he looks upgraded and more powerful:

He has two muscular legs made by his five legs wrapping around each other. This, by Zilann, makes him more fast since it's harder to run with five legs

Instead of eggplants on his back, he has spikes pointing upwards

He is much bigger than normal Flouranas

His one eye is split into two red eyes

The fly trap parts is lowered down

Roles in episodes

Sick of Plants

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Home Sweet Home

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