E-10, Zerox.png
General Information
Species Clode~Hinc
Home World Similidem
Body Animalistic Robot
Other Forms Omni-Splicer Zerox
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Mouth Laser Scanner
Physical Duplication
Enhanced Climbing
Sharp Teeth
Wall Climbing
Enhanced Agility
Voice Actor Roger Craig Smith
First Appearance Back to Our Horizons

Zerox is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Clode~Hinc from the planet Similidem.


Zerox has an appearance that mixes both animalistic and robotic traits. He has an oval-shaped, white head, which houses a large mouth, and three green eyes. He has four, white tubes sticking out from his head, two on either side, that go down his back and act like tails. Most of his body is covered in a black and green suit with white stripe patterns forming around his torso that act similar to the Omnitrix symbol. Zerox also wears gold bands around his elbows and gold plating around his knees. Zerox also wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Zerox has a "mouth laser" that can be used to "scan" an object, which creates a copy of whoever, or whatever he wants. It is used by combining the smallest pieces of matter within the tubes on his head, which then shoot out the copy. If Zerox makes a copy of a person, this person will keep the personality traits of the original, but will be under Zerox's control.

The tubes on Zerox's head can also detach from it, allowing him to remove his face and scan himself or whatever he thinks of.

Zerox can use the tubes on his head to climb.

Zerox has sharp teeth.


Zerox's clones are always weaker than the original in some way, usually being relative to how many clones are made, though there is no exact formula to determine how much weaker the clones are.

Zerox is unable to use his own powers on himself. If he shoots a laser on his own body, it only will clone to a certain extent. If he attempts to bypass this by using his laser on a mirror, he will either duplicate the mirror, or create a duplicate of himself made of glass, which can easily break.

Zerox does not have much strength, speed, or durability, so he relies on being able to clone things or people.

Zerox's tubes can be stepped on to stop him, or grabbed to stop him or throw him around.


  • In Spirited Away, Part 2, A'taenda unlocks Zerox's DNA sample. Ethan attempts to transform into him, but gets XLR8 instead.
  • In Back to Our Horizons, Zerox battled against Tattooed Man.
  • In Mission: Unstoppable, Zerox went into Lieutenant Steel's office to find the location of the Torrential Rattles.
  • In Battle of the Bands, Zerox created clones of his other aliens multiple times to able to participate in the Battle of the Bands.
  • In Rising from Horizons, Zerox cloned his aliens to fight against an army to Esotericans until he was defeated by the Forever Knight.
  • In Crispy Critter, Zerox Omni-Splices to go after a rampaging Professor Crisper and Terence.
  • In Omnious Thunder, Zerox Omni-Splices to defeat Tezca.
  • In Knight in Shining Armor, Zerox scans scattered rubble to make out a message.
  • In Omni-Spliced, Zerox makes a cameo.



  • Zerox's name comes from the word, "Xerox," a company that makes document technology products, most notably the copy machine.
  • Zerox's species name comes from the Latin words, "clone:," meaning clone, and, "dehinc," meaning dupe.
  • Zerox's planet name comes from the Latin words, "similis," meaning similar, and, "idem," meaning same.


  • Ethan reveals to have used Zerox throughout the summer break between Season 1 and 2.
  • Zerox's design is based on early concept art for Upchuck.
  • Zerox was created by Alanomaly and was made for The Alan 10 Adventures. Alanomaly and Ebomnitrix agreed to share the alien so that they could co-exist in both their universes.
    • However, Zerox was used in E-10: Horizons, prior to his debut in The Alan 10 Adventures.

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