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General Information


Home Planet:



Animalistic Robot

Alternate Counterparts Zerox (Earth-1799.A)
Zerox (Earth-1063-E)
Other Info

Duplication Breath
Enhanced Climbing
Sharp Teeth


Weaker Clones
No Self Duplication
Low Physical Strength
Low Speed
Low Durability

First Appearance:


Zerox is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Clode~Hinc from the planet Similidem.


Zerox has an appearance that mixes both animalistic and robotic traits. He has an oval-shaped, white head, which houses a large mouth, and three green eyes. He has four, white tubes sticking out from his head, two on either side, that go down his back and act like tails. Most of his body is covered in a black suit. He has a green chestplate and white boots. He also wears gloves that are white and green. He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his left pectoral.


  • Zerox has a "duplication breath." This breath "scans" an object, and then a copy of whaoever, or whatever, it was used on is made by combining the smallest pieces of matter within the tubes on his head, which then shoot out the copy. If Zerox makes a copy of a person, this person will keep the personality traits of the original, but will be under Zerox's control.
  • Zerox can use the tubes on his head to climb.
  • Zerox has sharp teeth.


  • Zerox's clones are always weaker than the original in some way, usually being relative to how many clones are made, though there is no exact formula to determine how much weaker the clones are.
  • Zerox is unable to use his own powers on himself. If he uses his breath on his own body, it only will clone to a certain extent. If he attempts to bypass this by using his breath on a mirror, he will either duplicate the mirror, or create a duplicate of himself made of glass, which will easily break.
  • Zerox does not have much strength, speed, or durability, so he relies on being able to clone things or people.
  • Zerox's tubes can be stepped on to stop him, or grabbed to stop him or throw him around.






  • Zerox's name comes from the word, "Xerox," a company that makes document technology products, most notably the copy machine.
  • Zerox's species name comes from the Latin words, "clone:," meaning clone, and, "dehinc," meaning dupe.
  • Zerox's planet name comes from the Latin words, "similis," meaning similar, and, "idem," meaning same.


  • Zerox's design is that of a scrapped prototype design for Upchuck.
  • Zerox's powers were inspired by Dupe from Lilo & Stitch.
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