Zero One
General Information
Species Zeronian
Home World Beyond
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Light-Darkness Manipulation
Light Manipulation
Darkness Manipulation
Energy Blasts
Blade Manipulation
Sword Beam Emission
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Reflexes
Sharp Hand and Teeth
Solar Empowerment
Force-Field Generation
Dimensional Travel
Voice Actor Ewan McGregor
First Appearance TBA

Zero One is the Dracotrix's DNA sample of a Zeronian from the planet Beyond in Draconomenal.


Zero One is a humanoid with a body that has two colors on each side. On his left side, his body is purple, he has a red mark on his chest, 3 red lines on his arm, 5 fingers on his hand which are sharp, a red line on his waist, thigh, each side of the shin and the upper side of the feet. On his right side, his body is yellow with a silver mark and lines on the same spots as the dark side. He has a silver chest armor, shoulder pads, knee pads and mask and without his mask, his left teeth are sharp while the right are normal, his head is in a diamond shape and is silver, he has cyan triangular eyes, two silver blades attached to his upper side of the head and the symbol of the Dracotrix is on the middle of the chest and on the middle of the chest armor.

Transformation Sequence

Jay's body glows yellow and purple and the blades spin around him, revealing his body becoming the alien form. His left hand and teeth become sharper, the marks and lines appear on his body, his eyes become triangular, and the armor appears and the blades attaches to his head.

Powers and Abilities

Zero One is capable of controlling both elements of light and darkness at the same time. His main method is to shoot from his hands light and darkness energy blasts from their respective sides or powerful punches and kicks. He can also combine them for a powerful energy blast.

He can create silver energy blades on each arm to perform powerful slashes. He can also use the blades on his head as weapons, throw them as boomerangs and when he combines them, they become a crescent shaped blade that can channel both light and dark powers for powerful slashes. He can also shoot light and dark energy blasts from his arm blades and launch an energy slash from his crescent blade.

He's capable of flying and can fly at high speed.

He has enhanced strength and durability, which are a little better then Dracozzard. He also has enhanced reflexes, capable of dodging several attacks.

His left hand is sharp enough to cut through steel, also he can use his teeth to bite things.

If he's feeling weak, he can fly to the sun to recharge himself and become stronger.

He can use telekinesis to grab anything using only his mind.

He can create a force-field to protect himself or his allies from attacks.

He's capable of opening portals to other universes or dimensions. He can also create a force field to act as a portal for others go with him.


If he uses too much energy on his attacks, he can become weak and an easy target for powerful attacks. Also he can be knock out by a powerful attack or energy beam.

He's weak against the cold, becoming more weak if he's on a place with subzero temperature and can be frozen by ice rays.

His arm blades can be broken and will take time for they to restore themselves. The blades on his head can be used against him if thrown at the enemy and him using as a weapon or throwing them back at Zero One.

If he's hit by a storm or an attack while flying, he can lose concentration and fall on the ground.

Even with his enhanced durability, he still can be knocked out by a powerful attack and he can't dodge attacks that come fast without him noticing.

He can feel pain on his left hand if he tries to scratch a hard object.

He can't recharge himself if there's no sun or is at night, becoming too weak to fight.

He needs to concentrate to use his telekinesis.

The force-field can be destroyed if hit by a powerful or multiple attacks.

If he doesn't concentrate himself while travelling to different universes or dimensions, he will appear on a random universe/dimension. Also if he's not concentrate while travelling with company, they will appear in random places until he can found them.

Both sides can act independent if he doesn't control himself, with his dark side acting aggressively and his light side trying to control it. Both sides can argue if Zero One can't control himself.







  • He's considered Jay's most powerful transformation.
  • His appearance is inspired by Ultraman Zero, especially his Darkness and Shining forms.
  • Him being Jay's most powerful transformation is a reference to the fact that Zero is considered the most powerful Ultraman.
  • When the two sides start to argue, the dark side's voice becomes deeper.
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