Zero Knight
Zero Knight
General Information
Species Spikare
Home World Spikelonet
DNA source unknown
Body Green Eyes
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Ice Beams
Laser Beams
Enhanced Strength
Fire Beams
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Vision
Voice Actor Tom Kenny
First Appearance Back Again

Zero Knight is the Omnitrix Mark 12's DNA sample of a Spikare.


The Omnitrix symbol appears on his chest. His head is yellow and the rest are just Random colors


Zero Knight's abilities are kind of the same of Eye Guy's but a little bit boosted to a bit higher. He also can teleport whenever his rocket boots are off the ground. He can also see things that are too far for any other person to see. He can also shoot any type of beam from both of his hands


  • Back Again (debut)


  • This is the first alien of the whole spin-off
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