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This is the DVD set for Zero Hero.


  • Zero Hero: Season 1 (Ep. 1-10)
  • Zero Hero: Season 2 (Ep. 11-19)
  • Noah 10-Zero Hero: Aliens Unite (Crossover plus Zs'Skayr's Return and Under the Surface)


Season 1[]

Season 1 dvd

Season 1 DVD Cover

It's Zero Time! Zero Hero Season One is here on 10 epic episodes! Azeire killed Zero's parents, leading to an exciting journey across the galaxy! Along the way, meet Marsipal and Aparato and face Moon Men, Appoplexians, and even Anodites!

Special Features

  • Trailer for Season 2 DVD
  • Trailer for Noah 10 DVD

Season 2[]

Season 2 dvd

Season 2 DVD Cover

Zero and Friends are back on Zero Hero Season 2! What happens when aliens steal Christmas? What happens when a To'kustar attacks Earth? What happens when Zero breaks his arm? And what about a psychotic energy selling guy? All this and more on this DVD!

Special Features

  • Trailer for Season 3 DVD
  • Trailer for Aliens Unite

Aliens Unite[]

Noah Segurason, creator of the Matrix and protector of the universe. Zero, wielder of alien powers, protector of Earth. Both these heroes meet for the first time on this awesome crossover movie! An evil far greater than anything Earth has ever seen shows it's face. It's up to these two unlikely partners to team up and stop the nefarious Copy Cat!

Special Features