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A Ben 10 spin up animated movie, Zeo 10. it based on Ben 10 Spin-up movies. It aired 2011.


Azmuth told Ben about the Omnitrix because it has two. First Omnitirix was given to Xylene and Second Omnitirix was taking by Aggregor, before he absorb the powers of any aliens. 6 or 7 years ago,Before Ben found the Omnitrix. A story about a young man name Zeo was captured by Aggregor. He wants Zeo became a apprentice because The Omnitirix aliens was empty, but just one alien. So Zeo decide to capture any aliens until he betrayed Zeo.

So Zeo decide to join Plumbers against him. After battle and Defeat Aggregor, Zeo was missing since the explosion at Aggregor's Base. The Plumbers couldn't find him. So, Aggregor was Arrested until 6 years he will release. In the Aftermath, Zeo has rise by his hand with his Omnitrix.




  • Aggregor (Antagonist)
  • Neon Hunter
  • Geoneo (Killed by Zeo [with Cybre X])
  • Albedo (Human age of 10)
  • Yillna (Ragnarok's wife,Killed by Zeo [with Lightpool])
  • Dragon lord (Killed by Zeo [with Darkflame])
  • The Queen (Killed by Zeo [with Benilen])

Alien used

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