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General Information
Species Reduvidai
Home World Hemiterra
Body Humanoid Frog-Insect
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Agility
Sharp Blades
Equipment Napoleon's Sunglasses
Nova's Sunglasses
Alien Number N/A
Namesake Assassin Beetles
First Appearance Burn Through The Iron Wall With Your Soul! (Not Applicable)
Time 21 (Star Spirit)

Zelusassin is an alien from Not Applicable.

It also appears in Tech 10: Star Spirit'.


Zelusassin's abilities include:

  • Limited Flight
  • Sharp Blades
  • Tough Armor
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced Stealth
  • Fast Reflexes
  • Limited Underwater Breathing



Zelusassin's appearance when used by Napoleon is similar to that of a samurai warrior thanks to his thick armor pieces. He is entirely green, with pale purple eyes, and mostly resembles a bug with wings sprouting from his 'head'.

His limbs are multi-jointed, with dark green blades sprouting from each appendage. He has three modified book gills on each side of his torso. He wears Napoleon's signature sunglasses on his top armor piece instead of over his eyes, for obvious reasons.


Zelusassin's appearance when used by Nova is similar to its appearance when used by Napoleon, but with several major differences. Her body shape is slimmer, and she has only three armor pieces instead of four, leaving her face and torso more exposed.

Her eyes and wings are more stylized, with her eyes taking on an orange color, and her leg spurs are mounted on the back of her legs instead of the front. Due to Nova keeping her shades on during transformation, she is able to fit them to Zelusassin's facial structure.


Zelusassin's body is relatively weak outside of its armored points, especially its book gills.

Planet and Species Information

Zelusassin is a Reduvidai from the planet Hemiterra. Hemiterra is very similar to Earth, with multiple different enviroments scattered throughout the planet. The main difference, however, is that water makes up 90% of Hemiterra's surface, with all land being small islands scattered throughout the planet. This results in most species on the planet being either amphibious or entirely water dwelling.

The Reduvidai are technically amphibious, though since the oceans on Hemiterra are about 9% salt, they have an easier time breathing on land, as long as the keep their gills wet to some extent. (9% may not seem like much, but considering the oceans on Earth are about 3.5% salt on average, it's a wonder that the Reduvidai can even dive instead of just floating to the top.)


Zelusassin is a combination of the words assassin and Zelus, Zelus being the name of a genus of assassin bugs.

Reduvidai is a corruption of the word Reduviidae, the name of the family including assassin bugs, ambush bugs, and thread-legged bugs.

Hemiterra is a combination of Hemiptera, an order of insects known more commonly as true bugs, and the word terra, the Latin name for earth.


Not Applicable

Tech 10: Star Spirit


  • Zelusassin's working name was Assassin Beatle.
  • Male Reduvidai are stronger and more durable than females, but are unable to move as fast or fly as long as they can.
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