Zein Al Abideen Mahmoud Shams Il Deen (Or Zein Al Abideen M. Shams Il Deen) or simply Zein is an Aerophibian/Human hybrid from the planet Earth in Ahmad 15 (Rebooted).


Zein, in Aerophibian Form, is a large, red and yellow alien similar in appearance to a manta-ray. He has hands with 3 digits, and feet with 2 digits. He has yellow brows/horns above his eyes, which has a yellow stripe leading down to yellow lips. He has small, lizard-like tails. Zein has ray-like wings, which are yellow in front and red in back. His sides have markings that resemble gills, and he has a zigzag/lightning strike pattern around his upper torso.

His Human Form consists of a brown eyed boy with black hair. Zein normally wears a grey shirt and brownish pants. He wears a brown backpack.


Zein's personality is hard to describe. He is, generally, very serious, and he does not give up easily.


Zein, being a powerful Aerophibian/Human hybrid, possesses the power to shoot neuroshock blasts from his eyes and tail, and can fly and swim at super sonic speed to chase down and overwhelm an opponent in a flash. 

Also, Aerophibians by regular are very slow on land, however, his human form is not slow, due to his feet structure, and he is, if not more, as fast as his Aerophibian form.

He also has a high speed as seen in  Air and Mana, where he failed at an inch in reaching the fast closing Door to Anywhere, while also noting his extremely and in King of Speed, where he proved to be extremely fast by winning the Kinet Galactic Race.

He also has a high degree of intellect (for his species), shown on multiple occasions. He also has exceptional leadership skills and plotting experience, as shown in Heat of The Moment.

While Zein has the ability to switch into his Aerophibian form and Human form at will, his powers mostly do not change between both forms, aside from his Human Form's exceptional running speed.


Ahmad 15 (Rebooted)

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Blank and the Omnigizer


  • He replaced Leypod in being the third Main Character in Ahmad 15 (Rebooted).
  • Don't laugh about the Name, because it is a common name in Lebanon. The Name is the same of that of a classmate of mine.

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