Zed is a female Anubian Baskurr currently owned by Kevin Levin, and formerly by Khyber, the hunter.


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Zed is a dinosaur and dog-like alien, being dark blue in color. She has spike-like hair running down from her collar to the tip of her tail. She has sharp red eyes and black lines on her neck and legs.

Zed used to wear a red spiked collar that had the Nemetrix on it, but now she wears a light blue collar to contain the Nemetrix. Zed is also very loyal to Kevin and Gwen, and she also likes to play hunt with Ben. He doesn't.

Powers and Abilities

Zed is very fast, agile, and strong (able to throw Ben with ease). She is able to sense that there is something wrong with some people.


Zed is not completely loyal and can be manipulated by anyone who uses a whistle that is at the same frequency as Khyber's gills. This does not last if someone shows love and care. Like a regular dog, if someone scratches behind Zed's ear, she will become tame. 


  1. And Then There Were 10 Again
  2. Quicksand
  3. Double Trouble
  4. It's Cool in the Cold


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