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Zarmos is a Brainfreeze who has a mysterious past. His home is unknown, but he has a mom and and a dad. His motives are commited to his race, and that means lying, being sneaky, and doing everything he can to bring the Invasion to Earth. He once served Kanker, but doesn't anymore. He is great with swords and bombs.


Before the show, we know Zarmos met Kanker in a German Forest and joined his group.

Season 1[]

He was with Kanker during the murder of the Petrosapien. Later, he attacked the school and killed many students and teachers, including Mr. Brown. Like how Kanker and Hean had developed a hatred for each other, the same happened with Zarmos and Keoff. Zarmos was in charge of the bombs, and led the organization againest Keoff's Clone Army ( plus survivors ). After the huge explosion, Zarmos was confrimed to still be alive, and is still working with Kanker.

Zarmos 1

His disguise. The Head is a mask, even the part that looks like a Human's face.


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Zarmos returned in The New Story as a fake cop who shoots some of the other cops and some people in an attack on the Highwood Middle School Disaster Memorial. Zarmos is planning his rebillion in secret.

In the finale, Zarmos talks to his army, and tells them its time to reveal to Kanker their plans. He rebels but is injured in the battle.

He disappears for 3 months, due to Kanker's wish. But when Hean transforms back to normal, he lives once more. He then takes control of the organization and has a video conference with his parents and other members of his race.

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Physical Description[]

Zarmos wears a costume. It is mainly white, with red pockets, secret weapon shooters, and marks. He also wears blue for an unknown reason. He wears a mask on 1/2 of his face. He has caucasian skin, brown eyes, black hair, and a cold face. He is 5 feet, 8 Inches tall and 140 pounds.

He is similar to Kanker.


He is almost as cruel as Kanker. He doesn't like to talk, and seems like an exprienced leader. He is very mysterious. Like Kanker, he has a favorite supervillian. His favorite supervillian is the Riddler.

He hates Kanker's beast, Roar.


  1. He will have a bigger role in the season finale and ESPICALLY season 2.
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