General Information
Species Insectisoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Flight
Super Speed
Vibration sensing>br>Acid manipulation and generation
Slime manipulation and generation
Can release knock out gas

ZappWasp is the Codon Stream's sample of an Insectisoid from the planet Insectopia. He is an alien in the Multimatrix The most powerful creation ever.

He can destroy Upchuck Norris easily.


ZappWasp greatly resembles a wasp his are very thin and very long, he has three small fingers that are brown his arms are also brown. His eyes are green and he is yellow in color with black stripes, He has the same head as a wasp he also has four arms. Like some bugs he has a stinger his is brown and has Black stripes. Also he has wings like an insect They are sharp and white and look like Stinkfly's. They move so rapid you can barley see them, He also has six eyes.

Powers and abilities

ZappWasp can fly at supersonic speeds up to 500 miles.

He can manipulate and control acid and slime.

By opening his tail he can release a horrible gas, that can knock out enemies or poison them.

He also has a stinger at the end that is hard as metal, If it is cut of it will grow back longer.

As his name refers he can generate electricity to shock enemies

Like a spider he can sense vibrations, however instead of sensing vibrations In the web he can sense them anywhere.

Like Spidermonkey he can shoot webs like a grasshopper he can hop using his arms.

ZappWasp can jump very far about a mile each time.

His wings retract and he can coat his self in an Extra exoskeleton that allows him to swim underwater.

He also has very good vision.


Like Stinkfly he gives of a very strong oder. Even though his exoskeleton body is very strong and dense his wings are very fragile, so water is a big problem for him as it can render him incapable of flight.

He can create a hard exoskeleton so he can be in water, however he can't do this all the time as it takes a lot of concentration.


He is Dante Meyer's new flying alien.

He is an an alien in the Multimatrix.

He was originally going to be called Stinger.

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