Inhabitants: Zankotovians
First Appearance Brandon 10: Ultimate Conquest

Zankotova is an Eastern European country in the series, Brandon 10.


Zankotova is an isolated and mountainous country with green fields and a small city.


  • Myriad (Capital)


  • Natural Resources
  • Science Facility
    • Observatory
  • Domestated Animals
  • Farmland


Before, Zankotova was a small country that isolated itself from the outside world, hidden from other nations. Eventually, when Elizabeth Kowalski came to power, she was determined to make Zankotova known to the world. In an attempt to reach out, Elizabeth had allowed James to patch a fail-safe system into the computers of the Zankotova Science Facility.

Ultimate Conquest

Afterwards, she had a plan to unite with nations such as The United States, where she held her charity to help Eastern Europeans, including Zankotovians, to migrate to other nations and for other nations to establish the country as a partner. However, with the fail-system gone haywire, Brandon and his team, along with James, came to Zankotova in order to stop Warax's plans before he gets there himself. Brandon, as Crusher, fights Warax in Zankotova until the generator in the science facility malfunctions which sends them through a portal. While Crusher holds off Warax elsewhere, James works on the generator in an attempt to shut it down while Elizabeth aids her people to safety. When Brandon returns with General Matthew Gates, Nomad arrives in Zankotova. After a short battle, the team assembles with Elizabeth and fends off Nomad's minions from the generator. Brandon then opens a portal that sends Nomad into another dimension.

With all that over, Elizabeth realizes that Zankotova might not be ready for the outside world yet and the rest of the world must recover from the crisis.

Known Inhabitants

  • Elizabeth Kowalski (Ruler)
  • Peasant
  • Zankotovians




  • Zankotova is the first fictional country created in Brandon 10.
  • The filming location for Zankotova was Aosta Valley.
  • Myraid, the capital city of Zankotova, means countless similar to the word, abundance.
    • Abundance is a term used in the meaning of the name, Elizabeth.
      • Elizabeth is also the name of the ruler of Zankotova.
  • Zankotova was based off of Sokovia and inspired by the film, Age of Ultron.


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