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The Bounty Hunter, with mask

The very stealthy bounty hunter, Zam Wessel, is a bounty hunter that works for Bas Naf. Throughtout the series of Ben 10: Rise of the Tennyson, she has died twice.


She wears a full body purple suit, with A semi-skirt and a helmet. She has been rarly seen without her helemt. She often carries a handgun, along with a rifle.

Role in Rise of the Tennyson

She plays a decent role in the fight against Bas Naf. She was one of his best bounty hunters, until she got beaten by Ben.


After returning to Bas after a mission, she had to tell him how she failed to fight Tennyson. Annoyed, Bas shot and killed her on the spot. Savage Opress then stabbed her, and burried her

Rebirth and 2nd death

Ben's team needed anwsers about Bas and Savage, so Ben went Ultimate Clockwork to bring her back from the dead. He succsesed, but not without incedent. She shot UC, and got away to kill Bas Naf. She succsesed to kill Bas. Over the episode, she became more and more agressive. Ben went Eatle and killed her, by pushing her off a cliff.