Zach Geemech
General Info
Species Human
Age 11 (in flashbacks)
Affiliations The Technicians
Occupation(s) Hero
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Technokinesis
Technology Absorption and Manipulation
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Intelligence
Equipment Various Piece of Tech
Relationship Mr. Geemech
Mrs. Geemech
Tyrone Geemech (older brother)
First Appearance Dillon Million: Omniforce

Zachary "Zach" Mattew Geemech is the best friend of Dill and is the deuteragonist in the series.


11 Years Old

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Zach wears a black shirt, green (sometimes blue) pants and a purple jacket with white stripes, and black shoes. He has black shiny hair and his eyes are in the shade of purple. 

Zach's design, thanks to Brandon 10.


Being the best friend of Dill, Zach has pretty much the same child-like behavior as he does, like tending to make jokes and puns, even when battling his enemies. He seems to look more into things before just trying to handle them, much unlike Dill. He is extremely smart, showing an above level on intelligence. He is very skilled in karate, martial arts and hand-to-hand combat, he has also picked up some intellect from his older brother Tyrone, who is a skilled mechanic and has some skill in alien technology.

Zach appears to get more agressive when his actions or not doing something about the present situation results in someone innocent getting hurt or injured.

Powers and Abilities

Zach has the ability to absorb technology and then shapeshift his body to upgrade, copy or manipulate that peice of technology. These including, motorcycles, blasters, fans, giant tech fists, and more.

Zach sometimes carries various pieces of tech to absorb during a battle.


If a certain magnetic pulse is used, Zach's powers will negate and he will not be able to absorb technology. If Zach is using his Booster shoes to fly, and a small object irritates the rocket boosters, he could lose flight and fall.


  • Zach has been Dill's best friend since they were little kids.
  • Zach likes hanging out at Shakin' Shakes as much as Dill does.
  • Zach gets mostly all of his technology from his older brother Tyrone.
  • His father also owns a very successful tech company.


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