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Z-Force Academy is the school for students from the seriesZ-Force: Academy.


The students from the academy have four sections. The student section names aren't revealed yet.


The school is 50+ stories high. It looks like five buildings sticked into one. It also has several dorms. One for every rank of a student.


The school has only two entrance. By Z-Plane or by the Z-Ship. The plane is mostly used to enter the academy, and the ship is mostly used to exit or quit the academy.


The school's fee is free, but is only allowed for people who has special abilities and powers.

They can only be students in the academy once they take two entrance exams. The first entrance exam is a written one. The second is unwritten.

Ranks for Students[]


The students who wear blue uniform are revealed to be level 1 students. They are the lowest rank, meaning they hardly passed the entrance exams.


The dark-purple are the level 2 students, which means that they passed the exams and are really needed in the academy.


The red students are the ones who are very high in rank.

Unknown color[]

It was revealed that there is a fourth rank, but will be released in season 2.


  • Jason is Blue, meaning he hardly made it.