Shock Rock! A walking, talking power supply.

–Yuzuru's quote.

Yuzuru Shibata (柴田ゆずる) is a 10 year old 5th grade student who becomes Shock Rock with his Shock Rock DISK. His Exo-Hero code is X-63.

Form, Powers, and Abilities

Exodus Shock Rock

Accepted. Materializing: Fulmini Identity.

–Shock Rock DISK's transformation announcement

Shock Rock! Disk Mash!

–Yuzuru's transformation announcement

Exodus Shock Rock.

As Shock Rock, Yuzuru has the ability to release strong, blue electrical charges from any part of his body, which he can use to construct various weapons and tools such as a boomerang (dubbed a "bluemerang")  and a shield.

Yuzuru is able to absorb external sources of energy, such as a Chimera Sui Generis' optical lasers.

Yuzuru can stretch his arms at a certain extent.

Yuzuru can power up and enhance machines with the use of his electricity.

Yuzuru has indestructible stone armor and possesses enhanced strength.

Yuzuru can use his electrokinesis to telekinetically move objects.

Yuzuru can generate wormholes, as demonstrated by other Fulmini. He can also increase the size of a wormhole, by using his energy to expand the particles.

Although he has not yet done so on his own accord, Yuzuru can manipulate the weather to the point of being able to create a massive storm.

While under the control of the High Override, Yuzuru's power would be boosted to the point where he could destroy Earth.


Yuzuru can inadvertently give his enemies an energy boost if the machine he is charging up is a trap for his power to siphon through.

Yuzuru is vulnerable to being controlled by a superior member of his species, such as the High Override.

Yuzuru's constructs can unintentionally electrocute humans who come in contact with them.

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