Yrneh is a main character in the series Den -10. His full name is Yrneh Thims. His name is the name Henry backwards (since he is a opposite human).

Biography and Personality

Yrneh is quite stupid, and he is a bully. Yrneh is the classic bully, but he is still good. Yrneh bullies everyone in Den's school except Den himself.

Yrneh was born in 2069 (he is 14 in the series), in C.D. Notgnishaw. His family were friends with Den's family, which is why they became friends. He started bullying kids in his school, and because of that he stayed in fourth grade twice. He had a normal life for a namuh.One day when he was camping with his family and Den's family, a meteor appeared, and inside it was the Xirtisop. Den took the Xirtisop, and accidently turned him into Tnalpkcor. Ari, a Naixelpoppa came, and told Den he found his invention, and he teached Den to use it. Then he told him to use it to fight Larberec, Odutset and Mudigirf. Den fought them and he became a hero. Yrneh looked at this from the side, and he told Den to let him join his team, for strenght. They went on a regular routine, the villains fought, destroying the city, and the heroes fought back, and the heroes won. But that changed when a spaceship from the matter dimension appeared...


  • Very Strong (not so strong, but strong)


  • Stupid
  • Quite clumsy

Species and Planet

Species: Namuh

Planet: Thrae

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