Young Plumbers: The Experience
Series Young Plumbers
Release Date TBA
Platforms PC, Mac
Modes TBA
Created By Paper
Game Guide
Young Plumbers: Into the Storm
Young Plumbers: Rise of the Sentinels

Young Plumbers: The Experience is an MMORPG based off of Young Plumbers.


The Player is recruit at The Young Plumbers Academy, just like the Recruits in the show, you are training to become a great hero. But your training is interrupted when Villains like Vilgax attack. Will you be able to stop them?


Creating a Character

In the beginning, The Player will see a Character Creation screen. The Character will be in the middle, standing on an asteroid in the middle of space. On either side of them are panels, each containing buttons and sliders to customize your appearance. The first one is to change your species. You can be Human, Vulpimancer, Tetramand, or Splixson. Then, you have sliders to change your colors. It ranges from Red to Violet, with all the other colors in between. Then, there are more, for Height, Width, and Six different types of faces. Then, on the right side, they have to choose which one of the Magisters the want to join. After they do this, they can choose powers based on which recruits in the show study under that Magister:

You can create your own character! Choose a Magister below!
Hornbok (coming soon)
Relgo (coming soon)
Kruto (coming soon)
Slick (coming soon)
Lotin (coming soon)

For a full list of powers for each character, click here. Each character will gain more powers as they level up and eventually gain more powers then they actually have, such as gaining powers of the other recruits that study under their Magister.

Young Plumbers
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