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Title Written by Original airdate Production code
The Invasion Paper December 22, 2012 301
With the Elite having become just that, and exactly four months until the prophecy unfolds, the Elite order for their Invasion of the galaxy to begin. Can the recruits finally stop the Elite before it gets to be too late? TheInvasion
Ancient History Paper December 24, 2012 302
With Earth and the Academy safe for now, some of the recruits return to the Temple of Rigon to learn more about the crystals and the prophecy. At the temple, they meet an old friend and a mysterious new one. Can they find the answers to the ancient prophecy and stop a sleeping army? AncientHistory
Crash Course AB December 25, 2012 303
With the rest of the school year cancelled, Paper, Sci, and Toon give the recruits a crash course on all the stuff they had yet to learn. Will they pass, and more stop another wave of the invasion force? YPForeverKnights
Insight Paper December 26, 2012 304
In 2038, the world is a dark place and Rigon has almost finished off the Earth. Of the recruits, only Paper and Toon are still alive. They construct a machine to head back in time and stop what doomed the recruits but will it be enough to stop the Sentinels? Insight
Terminal Velocity Paper December 28, 2012 305
The recruits come up with a plan to separate King Arthur from the rest of the Elite so that Nar can secretly replace him. While most of the recruits chase Lotin, Lucifer, Ra'ol Set, Viper, Blitz, and Chemestris back to Earth, Nar, Aevan, Jack, Zon, and Will try to defeat King Arthur alone. Can they defeat him and can the others stop the Elite before they make it back and continue the invasion? TerminalVelocity
The Guardian Sci and Paper December 31, 2012 306
Depressed after not finding Horkbok, one recruit and Sci journey to find the sage Hope. Along the way, pieces of the past are revealed, Shadows begin to rise, a Trial of Hope begins, and questions and secrets are exposed and answered. But who is the Guardian? TheGuardian
Interior Paper January 1, 2013 307
With Nar on the inside of the Forever Knights, he tells the recruits about the Elite and their latest change of plans. Can he keep his identity a secret while the recruits use the information to plan an attack?
No Image
Critical Point Paper January 14, 2013 308
The recruits execute an attack on the Elite at the Villain's Academy, but will their risk leave the Earth vulnerable? CriticalPoint
Creativity Paper January 19, 2013 309
Having lost the Academy and the Earth, the recruits find the code to the force field and get back into the Earth, but where will they go? Meanwhile, the Ringmaster changes tactics. Creativity
Hide and Seek Paper January 25, 2013 310
Paper, Sci, and Fear go on a mission to find Grief, another one of the Sages. Can they follow her mysterious friend and eventually track her down and pass the test? HideandSeek
Partnership Paper February 1, 2013 311
While Paper, Sci, and Fear off looking for Grief, Ivada decides to let the team get captured so they can get information about the Sentinels. Partnership
Search and Destroy Paper February 8, 2013 312
Paper, Sci, Toon, Future Paper, Future Toon, and Hornbok go off to search for a piece of the Sword of Rigon; the rest of the team heads to Rio to try and destroy the next dome. SearchandDestroy
Dead or Alive Paper February 15, 2013 313
The Elite hire Amon Set to help stop the recruits from curing the Sentinels. DeadorAlive
Warning Signs Paper February 22, 2013 314
The Magisters learn that someone has hired a bounty hunter to assassinate Horus Set, but they later discover that the someone in question is Ra'ol Set himself! YPNullVoid
Redemption Paper March 22, 2013 315
The Ringmaster and the dragon Auris begin their final attack on the Earth, but in the end, evil passes not from father to son, but the other way around! Redemption
Liberation Paper March 29, 2013 316
When an ancient alien conflict is reignited within Earth's atmosphere, the team is forced to use the battle as a distraction so they can destroy the final two domes, but just who are the two fighting sides? Liberation
Hindsight Sci April 1, 2013 317
The Magisters head to a dangerous portion of the galaxy to find the next piece of the sword. Elsewhere, Paper meets Rage. Hindsight
Man in the Mirror Paper April 2, 2013 318
Paper, Sci, and Kali go to the Destination to find Joy, but instead they find Virton. With his past and his regrets looming over his head, will he finally realize the error in his ways or deliver a crushing blow instead? Man in the Mirror
Tales of Suspense Paper April 3, 2013 319
For his final attack, the Ringmaster summons the armies of Dragonia to protect his seismic generators, splitting up the entire team across the entire Earth, but what more is he planning, and will it prove to be enough? Tales of Suspense
A Crown's Ransom Paper April 4, 2013 320
Hornbok sends the newest five recruits to Salimore to throw a curve ball and steal Ra'ol Set's crown, but can they back up their threat, or is it a lost cause? A Crown's Ransom
Final Exam, Part 1 Paper April 5, 2013 321
A day before the alignment, the Plumbers set their plan into motion, sending half the team to the Destination and half the team to the Mediterranean in order to stop Rigon and destroy the base, respectively, but what are the Elite planning in return, and is it too much to handle? Final Exam, Part 1
Final Exam, Part 2 Sci April 12, 2013 322
The battle between the Plumbers, the Elite, and Rigon's army begins, but is Rigon truly too powerful for the Guardian, the Sages, and everyone else to handle? Final Exam, Part 2
Final Exam, Part 3 Paper and Sci April 19, 2013 323
The battles to save the universe continues, and Paper comes up with a clever way to defeat Rigon; however, the risk of the method may be too high, and Paper may be forced to pay the ultimate price! Final Exam, Part 3