Title Written by Release Date Production code
Aftermath Paper December 19, 2012 B01
Three weeks after the Ringmaster's attack, Zon tells Paper about it and creates a sense of distrust among the recruits. Eventually, Paper tells the Magisters, who investigate the history behind the rings and begin searching for the missing fifth ring. Can they find it or has it already been found by the Ringmaster?
A Small, Small World Paper December 22, 2012 B02
After an experiment gone wrong, Rob and Water find themselves shrunk down to the size of a flea. After noticing their disappearance, Relgo sends Brian and Bink to investigate. Can the four shrunken recruits stop an army of the smallest alien species in existence?
Protection Paper December 24, 2012 B03
Paper, Sci, and Aevan head to Primus after the Magisters tell them that Dr. Psychobos' attack has begun. Can they meet up with Azmuth and Ben Tennyson and stop the Psychobos from stealing the source of the Omnitrix's power?
Auld Lang Syne Paper December 26, 2012 B04
On New Year's Eve, the recruits get attacked by Hypnos and Tempos, two magicians who want to make the next year never come. Can the recruits stop them, or will 2013 start with the drop of a bomb?
Darkness Paper December 28, 2012 B05
Sci discovers the existence of one student at the Plumbers' Academy who is planning to take the Academy into an alternate dimension. Can they stop him before he succeeds?
Roots of Gaea Paper December 29, 2012 B06
A company in the GBA known as Gaea is engineering a new set of Spaceships that will allow travel farther then ever before. Bink and Ben team up against Psyki, who wants to unplug the supercomputer used to make all the ships. But why does Psyki seem a familiar foe?
Risk Factor Paper January 13, 2012 B07
The Ringmaster returns and wreaks havoc on the recruits, but it isn't until Zon notices his ring is missing that he and Brian discover that the disturbances have been caused by the Ringmaster? Can they catch him before he escapes with Zon's ring?
Dragon Wars Paper January 18, 2013 B08
The Ringmaster continues to cause havoc, and the recruits go meet the Ringmaster's father, the Original Ringmaster - David Stavo!
The Final Level Paper January 21, 2013 B09
Zon and Brian start another war, this time to see who can get the highest score on a video game!
Apprentices Paper January 22, 2013 B10
Rex and Rocket get a new partner Ancy, who immediately takes charge. He brings them to The Zone, a death trap in space said to hold a magnificent treasure, but what is it, and can they get out with it alive?
False Positives Sci June 25, 2013 B11
The Ringmaster attacks Rex, Rocket, and Ancy at the Villain's Academy believing that the treasure they found in The Zone was the final ring.
The Switch Sci June 26, 2013 B12
Four Recruits wake up as students (and a teacher) from the Villain's Academy only to learn that the Elite are about to become Elite...
Variables Sci June 27, 2013 B13
Sci, Zon, and Brian go after the Ringmaster to stop him from getting the last ring.
Encounter, Chapter 1: First Contact Sci July 1, 2013 B14

The Recruits go to Dragonia for the first time and learn about the Rings and the Ringmaster!

Encounter, Chapter 2: Second Contact Sci July 3, 2013 B15
In Dragonia, the greatest challenge yet begins when the Ringmaster fights not only the Recruits, but the Council of 12!
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