Title Written by Release Date Production code
Rituals Paper October 30, 2012 A00
Zon, back in his hometown of Center City, discovers that a group of magicians including Hex and Charmcaster have formed an alliance with an unknown alien species. Can he stop them with the help of two old friends already on the case?
Partners in Crime Paper November 17, 2012 A01
Back in his hometown of Oakwood, Aevan discovers that there have been crimes committed all over town. One night, he goes out to investigate and discovers that the crimes are being committed by not one person, but two. Can he stop them alone or will he need help from a friend?
Homesick Paper November 17, 2012 A02
Still at the Plumbers' Academy, Paper, Toon, Sci, and Bink finally decide to pack up their things and return home. When they arrive at Cape Canaveral, they find that locals have been complaining about a mysterious alien who been abducting the children every third night. Can the four recruits stop the alien and rescue the children?
On the Hunt Paper November 18, 2012 A03
Zon, Jack, and Ben research some stuff about the ring they found in the cave. Later, they get attacked by Sunder, who has been hired to steal the ring, but does he really want the ring for himself? More importantly, who hired him?
Cause and Effect TBA November 18, 2012 A04
Back in his hometown, Brian investigates a series of unusual weather patterns. He eventually follows an unknown figure into a cave, where he discovers a blue ring. The figure then reveals himself to be Albedo, who puts on the ring and uses it to attack the town. Can Brian stop him?
Nightmares Paper November 21, 2012 A05
In his hometown, Sci is experiencing a series of nightmares related to the prophecy and the Elite. Then, when the mysterious alien from Cape Canaveral shows up, Sci figures out that it is more than just a coincidence that it shows up where ever he is. Can he defeat it and escape his never ending nightmares?
Schooled Paper November 22, 2012 A06
The recruits reunite at Cape Canaveral, but get ambushed by Khyber and his pet, which turns out to be the alien that was hunting Sci. Can they defeat Khyber and make it back to the Academy for the beginning of the school year?
The Day the Academy Stood Still Paper November 23, 2012 A07
After getting pranked by Brian, Zon meets Rache, a former Magisters who claims to have been killed during a prank that some students pulled on him, but when Rache takes over Brian, can Zon stop him using some newly learned tactics?
Magic Trix Paper November 24, 2012 A08
Sci explains everything that has been happening to him to the Magisters. After he shows them the Nemetrix, it soon attaches to him and malfunctions, causing Sci to go on a rampage throughout the Academy. Can the Magisters work to stop him?
Lord of the Rings Paper November 25, 2012 A09
Brian discovers that Zon had found a red ring in Center City, so he shares that he found a blue ring in Sigara. Then, when a mysterious being arrives the Academy wanting the rings, can Brian, Zon, Jack, and Ben defeat him before he exposes their secret to the others?
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