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This is the bios page for Young Plumbers. While not featured directly on the Young Plumbers page, it serves as a database for all character information. Each Young Plumbers DVD has 6 new bios.

Young Plumbers: The Arrival
Character Bio
Paper Paper is an average hyperactive teenager who wants to do anything and everything that is exciting or fun. The thing with him is that he actually isn't just hyperactive. His powers are super speed, which allow him to get from point A to point B in fractions of a second. He is also a very skilled archer and knows his way inside and out of a bow and all his quivers, too. Whether its delivering things, getting thins before his competitors, or striking a far away target, Paper can just about do anything thing that there is to do.
Sci Sci is a mysterious yet smart and powerful teenager who works well with his friends. He trusts most information with Paper. His powers are the ability to control the elements. He also is good at following directions, however he has many dark secrets..
Brian Brian is a random and humorous boy. He usually does not focus on his job, but can get serious sometimes. Brian's power is shape shifting, which allow him to alter his shape (and powers, depending on his form) at will. He's also good at video games.
Rob Rob is the strong man in the group. He is usually aggressive in fights and can never be found without his sword. In addition to his super strength and superior swordsmanship, he has telepathy and heat vision. While he tries to take his work seriously, he often jokes around, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't enjoy being at the Plumbers' Academy.
Magister Hornbok Hornbok is one of the five Magisters in charge of the Plumbers' Academy. He is second-in-command of all of the Magisters, behind only Lotin. He teaches Covert Operations and Tactics along with Magister Kruto. While he wasn't there to welcome the recruits to the academy, he is always considered the authoritative figure among the Magisters. His powers allow him to stretch his body to great lengths and weird shapes.
Magister Lotin While Hornbok is the authoritative Magister, Lotin is considered to be the dead serious, always-has-to-be-somewhere, and hates-everyone-who-disagrees-with-him kind of Magister. He is the leader of the Magisters at the Academy and teaches the recruits Mechanical Operations. He has a superior intellect and extreme telekinesis, which gives his somewhat enhanced strength and speed.
Young Plumbers: Rise of the Elite
Character Bio
Zon Zon is one of the jokers of the recruits. He is always smiling, even if put in a bad situation. He knows what he is up against, whether it is fighting the world's most dangerous super villains, taking a test, or not tripping down the stairs. Zon is equipped with some of the best powers, at least in his opinion. He can fire green energy blasts, but he can also turn into a Vulpimancer and a variety of 1/2 vulpimancer 1/2 other alien species hybrids. He is one of the most powerful recruits, but he doesn't always know how to help.
Toon Toon is one of the friendliest recruits. He always tries his hardest to help his friends, not matter what has happened to them. In fact, Brian once started a rumor about him that he wanted to help so much that his body split into copies of himself, which is why his powers are cloning. That would not explain how he also has pyrokinesis, however. Obviously, Toon himself says this isn't true, and as with most recruits, doesn't really know where his powers came from, but it doesn't matter to him. No matter what, he is here to help.
Aevan Aevan is another recruits who is always joking around, but unlike the others, when things get serious, he gets serious too. He is a master of parkour and once a contest in his hometown when he was only 6. He also has the unique power of the animated shadow, which is very powerful, despite having a major flaw. If Aevan is even slightly touched while his shadow is out of his body, his shadow will return. He may be the most powerful of the recruits, or he may not be. It all depends on who he is fighting, and how series he is acting.
Bink Bink is the only original female recruit, but this doesn't stop her from being the nicest and one of the most powerful. She tries to help the others as much as she can, but sometimes other things are more important. She is a magician, and performs spells by talking backwards. She can do a wide variety of magic such as attack magic, defense magic, transformations, and enchantments. If you are fighting Bink, you would never know what would come next, until you lose. Then you know she will help you up and tell you good job.
Lucifer Lucifer is a member of the Elite. He is the recruiter for them and is also the Headmaster of the Villain's Academy. Unlike Lotin, who is very flexible, at least with the Elite, he is very rule-bound and focused on the task at hand. His powers include magic, turning into a snake, and fire breathe, among some other minor ones. His students are very loyal to him and most would do anything he asks them to.
Ra'ol Set Ra'ol Set is another member of the Elite and the crown prince of Salimore, a planet known for its bounty hunters. He is the Elite's second in command their head hunter. He doesn't like to take orders, and only takes them from Lotin on occasion, usually when he wants to do the job anyway. He has natural super strength, increased even further by his armor. He also bears blasters, rocket launchers, and his trademark weapon, a zanbato.
Young Plumbers: Hunt for the Crystals Disc 1
Character Bio
Jack Jack loves to joke around, but he's serious whenever he needs to be. He'd much rather be at home when he's bored, but when he's on a mission, he thinks it's the coolest thing ever! Jack's powers include turning into liquid and electricity blasts. He's good friends with Ben and Jack, and together they are the some of the nicest recruits. No rumors about Jack's powers this time; he knows where they came from. When he was young, he got trapped in a magnetization chamber that super charged his body and prevented him from turning solid. He eventually mastered his powers and became normal. The energy blasts appeared soon afterwards.
Water Water is by the far the strongest of the recruits, even stronger than Rob. He's also the most violent and the least friendly. He's got mad anger issues, and you don't want to be in his way if he's angry. In fact, it's better to just stay out of his way all the time instead of continuously making him angry. Water considers his anger issues to be part of his powers, but the others don't. In fact some just think he's crazy. Others think he just pretends to have anger issues. The world may never know!
Ben Ben is the last of the original recruits. He tries to be nice to everyone just like Toon, but people don't always recognize his good deeds. His powers are the uniquest of the recruits: they include flight and sonic screams. Toon even said once that he was jealous of Jack's powers! Are they really that good? Ben doesn't think so; he thinks he's one of the weakest recruits, and maybe while he is physically, he sure isn't mentally. He's always there to help no matter what the situation.
Nick Nick is the first of the new recruits to come to the Academy in January 2014. He's always one to jump head-first into a situation and try to solve it as fast as he can, and as such is a big risk taker. He's willing to do what others are not willing to do to solve something, but he doesn't let that take control of his actions. He was born with wings that gave him the ability to fly, and over time developed the ability to spit acid out of his mouth as well. Unlike the others, he can sometimes be difficult to get along with, but that doesn't stop him from sharing a laugh every once in a while.
Blitz Blitz is the Weapons Manager and Mechanic of the Elite. He was born on the planet Froslan, a cold planet known for crime. He's strong and was born with powers of ice manipulation, but he isn't always wise, and that can interfere with his plans. He's very mysterious, and allows very few people to know him very well. He makes sure to share with everyone how he believes the world should be run: by the strongest and most fit, which is one of the reasons he joined the Elite.
Viper Viper is the Tactical and Strategic Planner of the Elite, and the wife of Lotin. She joined the Elite because her husband formed it, but agrees with its purpose and would have joined anyway. She was born on Platasorga, and her powers include a mastery of close-range combat as well the ability to shift into a phantom form and control fire and energy. She rarely lets her love for Lotin interfere with the tasks at hand, but does care about him, and would blame herself if he were to be hurt.
Young Plumbers: Hunt for the Crystals Disc 2
Character Bio
Sub Sub is another one of the newest recruits to join the Academy in January 2014. He immediately made friends with all of his new teammates and showed off his self thought-to-be-awesome powers: controlling ice. He always wants to know what all of his teammates know, and is usually willing to take charge to figure things out. Overall, the others think of him as one of the go to guys when he needs help, and when asked he will help. He says its just because he's an ice guy.
Nar Nar is the third new recruit to join the Academy in January 2014. He meets all his teammates and quickly learns to work with them, especially during a fight, when his metal controlling powers can easily help them dominate against any metallic enemy, but his skills with a pair of katanas are even more helpful. Overtime, he develops an especially strong relationship with Brian, which surprisingly turns him into a serious person, and even allows him to take his desire to help the team to a new height.
Will Will is the fourth new recruits to join the Academy in January 2014. He is often calm and collected, and usually tries to analyze the situation before jumping right in, but when he does act, he can act quickly, by teleporting to where ever he needs to be. His hand-to-hand combat skills are a major benefit to the team, as is his quick thinking and ability to let others take charge when he cannot. Just like all the other members of the new team, he is thankful for the opportunity to join the team, and knows he will not let his teammates down.
Cassie Cassie is the fifth and last of the new recruits to the join the Academy in January 2014. She is very nice, but that doesn't stop her from being one of the most powerful recruits. She can absorb any form of energy and use it in the form of energy blasts. Since she can't do anything without an energy source, she has taught herself hand-to-hand combat and limited martial arts, but she still prefers her energy powers. She always tries her best to help, even when she knows she cannot.
Arthur Arthur is the Head of Operations for the Elite. He is the Forever King of the Forever Knights, giving him an entire army of soldiers at his command, as well as massive control of the black market and alien weapons trading. He was not born with any powers, but gained super strength and durability through an alien serum he drank when he was young. He was not always truly evil, and once formed an alliance between his legion of the Knights and the Plumbers to regain stolen tech. When he ascended to the head of the Knights, he turned dark, and his evil ways were unleashed upon the organization and the galaxy.
Chemestris Chemestris is the final member and the Head Scientist of the Elite. She is responsible for coordinating both Project Sentinels and the other science projects that have been conducted. A Psyophellian from Psyocs, she is a natural fighter, but that doesn't stop her from using her powers, creating air and water whirlwinds, when she needs to. Her punk-like personality is seen with her red-dyed bangs and her overall villainous attitude, when normally her species is quite peaceful. She was also directly responsible for deciding which recruits to single out for Project Sentinels: as her superior intellect allowed her to determined the most likely candidates that the project would succeed on.
Young Plumbers: Galactic Invasion
Character Bio
Rex Rex is one of the students at the Villain's Academy. As one of Lucifer's main apprentices, he was sent to infiltrate the Academy, but he was quickly stopped by its recruits. He is very aggressive when fighting others with his alien shifting and construct building. He has an arrogant attitude and thinks that he is better than everyone except for Lucifer and his other masters. Despite this, he is very friendly, and refuses to let Rocket and Ancy take the blame for anything in which he knows he deserves part of the blame, too.
Rocket Rocket is another of the students at the Villain's Academy, and Lucifer's second apprentice. He is good friends with Rex and later befriends Ancy when he joins their team as well. He can manipulate kinetic energy either through simple energy blasts or by charging various objects with it and throwing them. He is very rule bound, and despite his friendship, thinks both of them to be very arrogant and rude.
Ancy Ancy is another student at the Villain's Academy, and Lucifer's final apprentice. Despite arriving last, he immediately takes charge and becomes the leader of their small team. He can turn his arms into various weapons such as swords and hammers, while his legs turn into vehicles such as motorcycles and cars. He is shown to be willing to put the team before himself, even going as far as saying he would sacrifice himself for the others.
Ivada Ivada is the newest Magister at the Plumber's Academy, having been promoted just after Lotin left in 2012. He quickly rose to second in command due to his friendship with Hornbok. For his powers, he can manipulate ice and form it into weapons, but he is also skilled with hand-to-hand combat as well. He helps with briefings and debriefings, and is eager to one day lead them himself. Despite this, he is in no rush to see Hornbok leave.
Relgo Relgo is one of the Magisters at the Plumber's Academy. He is one of the last Magisters to meet the recruits, but managed to get to know all of them anyway. He is third-in-command of the Magisters and good friends with both Kruto and Ivada. His powers are to control plant life, which proved to be very effective when a network of plants attacked the Academy. He can also talk to animals telepathically, but this has never been proven to be very effective.