Yo-Yo A Go-Go!

Yo-Yo A Go-Go

Yo-Yo A Go-Go STAR

General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
Body Robotic Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Yo-Yo Manipulation
Energy Stealing
Alien Number 23
Namesake Yoyo A Go Go Music Festival
First Appearance Window Shopper: Part 2
Yo-Yo A Go-Go! is an alien from Tech 10: Star Spirit.


Yo-Yo A Go-Go!'s abilities include:

  • Yo-Yo Generation
    • Yo-Yo A Go-Go! generates Yo-Yos via the six energy ports in his arms. Once he extracts a ball of energy from his arm, he can either solidify it into a Yo-Yo, or use it as a throwing weapon that explodes on impact.
  • Yo-Yo Manipulation
    • Yo-Yo A Go-Go! is able to control his Yo-Yos with supernatural proficiency, being able to do everything from performing simple tricks to bludgeoning his opponents mercilessly. He can wield up to eight Yo-Yos at the same time (one on each finger), and, if need be, throw them with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Energy Stealing
    • Yo-Yo A Go-Go! is able to steal his target's energy and transfer it to himself by 'grinding' a Yo-Yo on said target. This stolen energy can either be used to generate more Yo-Yos, or be fired directly from his arm ports as energy beams.
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Hypnosis (via Yo-Yo trick)


Yo-Yo A Go-Go! is a tall, blue humanoid alien with a somewhat robotic appearance. He has three ports on each arm that glow with green energy, and has markings on his chest that spell out his name. One of his eyes takes on a lens-like shape and is surrounded by an eye patch-like marking. The SpecTrix Requiem symbol is on his cap.


Yo-Yo A Go-Go! isn't particularly strong or durable.


When the StarTrix Requiem begins to overheat, the user has the option of either letting the device shut down or redirecting the overflow power to the transformation currently being used. Choosing the latter will flood the transformation's body with energy from the Star Connection Drive, turning them into their STAR form.

Yo-Yo A Go-Go!'s STAR Form is practically identical in appearance to his regular form, with the only changes being to his color scheme, which is now composed of various shades of gold. His physical attributes are raised significantly in this state, and the amount of energy he can discharge from his ports becomes enormous.


Alternate Colors


  • Yo-Yo A Go-Go!'s physiology bears a passing resemblance to Magidisk's physiology. It is currently unknown whether this is due to Yo-Yo A Go-Go!'s species being related to Magidisk's species in some way, or simply an example of convergent evolution.
  • Despite having the StarTrix symbol on it, Yo-Yo A Go-Go!'s cap is not part of his physiology, and can be removed; however, this is very ill-advised, as the form seems to have an odd defensive attitude towards said cap, and anyone who so much as insults it is in for a beating.

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