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Ben is asleep in his bed when suddenly he is woken up by the Yenaldooshi's sonic howl. "I've heard that sound before! That's the Yenaldooshi's howl. But wait Isnt he dead?"

The Yenaldooshi appears outside Ben bedrooms and shatters the wall. Ben transforms "Howl! Cool another new alien!" Howl says.

The Yenaldooshi lets out a sonic howl but it is countered by Howls sonic


screech. Howl fires a beam at the Yenaldooshi too make him drowsy. The Yenaldooshi slashs Howl. Howl then flies outside and drills into a tree. The tree falls on the Yenaldooshi but he pushes it off of him like it was nothing. The Yenaldooshi then jumps on Howl trying to bite his neck. Howl turns his head completely around to try to stop him but it has no effect. Howl transforms.


"Spitter!" Spitter fires a blast of slime spit at the Yenaldooshi firing him into the air. The Yenaldooshi roars out in anger and charges at Spitter. Spitter bites down onto the Yenaldooshi's right arm.

The Yenaldooshi knocks Spitter off of him and lets off a sonic howl in his face. "Owww" Spitter shouts. Spitter then transforms into XLR8.

XLR8 rushes into his room and grabs the Null Void Projector. XLR8 fires the Null Void projector at the Yenaldooshi and he gets sucked into the Null Void.


XLR8 transforms back into Ben. "Hmmm now to get some sleep or practice using my new alien Howls powers!" Ben says. Ben transforms into Howl and flies off into Bellwoods forest.

One camper shouts "Ahh the Jersey Devil!" "How am I the Jersey Devil if were not even in Jersey?!" Howl says to himself sarcastically.

Howl flies down to the camper and turns his head 360 degrees. "Ahh" the camper shouts. "Oh shutup!" Howl says. Howl fires a beam from his eyes and put the camper to sleep.

"He won't even remember that but I will! This will be a great story to tell Kevin!!" Howl says laughing. The End



  • Yenaldooshi

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