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Yellow Star is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of a Lazersertain from the planet Polarious.

Yellow Star
General Information
Species Lazersertain
Home World Polarious
Body Living Light Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Light beams

Light discs

Light aiming

Intangibility (with light)

Light shields

Light manipulation

Enhanced strength

Enhanced agility

Light ropes

First Appearance Engine Heard 'Round the World


Yellow Star basically looks almost like a human figure but completely different in detail, muscles, color, etc. He has two eyes and a small mouth as well. He has slightly muscular arms and shoulders and has four fingered arms as well. He wears a belt and short (almost swimsuit) like pants and is gold coloured all around and inside his body. He has a white glow around him as well and has two spikes on his feet and three toes. He has almost like a 6-pack chest and muscular torso and has 6 orange circles on his arms and pointed shoulders. He wears the gamatrix symbol on his chest as well.

Powers & Abilities[]

Yellow Star's powers are basically all having to do with light. He shoots energy rays and can aim really well as well. He has light manipulation and can turn intangible from light as well. He can make shields and has enhanced strength and enhanced agility as well. When he forms his light whips/ropes, they first come out of his body like the whips Astrodactyl can form. They can grab enemies and also smack flashes of light on the ground. 


Yellow Star's weakness is that he can become extremely bright and knock out his friends and teammates as well like Echo Echo and his screams can damage his teammate's ears.


In Engine Heard 'Round the World, Yellow Star debuted to defeat the boss bandit.

In It's All About Yalo, Yellow Star was used to save Maltha and himself. 

In Space Dudes, Yellow Star fought the bears. 

In Lonesome Ranger, Yellow Star defeated Sunder.

In A Natural Selection, Part 1, Yellow Star attacked Romatron. 

In The Rules of Frozen Yogurt, Yellow Star appeared in a flashback and accidentally destroyed Mr. Yogurtine's. 

In Never Trust Royalties, Yellow Star fought Romatron. 

In The Release, Yellow Star was used to light up the hall in the temple. 

In A Tale of Two Migs, Yellow Star stopped Ramoid, Freddie, and Fish Slug. 

In Meet Father Nature, Yellow Star battled Samson. Samson then took Yellow Star out of the Gamatrix, but later regained. 



Video Games[]

Mig 10: Enter the Gamaverse[]


  • Yellow Star went under three different working names: Zodiac, Y-Star, Y-Starr.
  • He is Mig's first light alien.
  • It is confirmed that Lazersertains live on a bright distant star but don't die from heat. It is unknown why this is.
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