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Season 1 logo by Jack.


On June 3, 2012 The Awesome Jack, Cartoon44 and Figy would decide to write a story about Kevin. If you would like to be co-writer please make a fan made episode. There are spots open but not many.


Ever wonder what happen to Kevin between OS and AF in the Null Void? Learn more abour Morrgg and Qwarrel in these fasinating stories.


  • Kevin Levin
  • Qwarrel
  • Quincy
  • Trukk


  • Morgg
  • Robot Drones
  • Prisoners
  • Null Void Guardians
  • Creatures within the Void


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Theme Song[]

It started when a little kid absorbed the Omnitrix,

(Shows Kevin absorbing the Omnitrix in "Kevin 11')

He has problems that he now has to fix

(Shows him being attacked by some drones)

But when you got some help

(Shows Qwarrel helping)

There is no need to yelp

(Show Qwarrel startling the mutating Kevin)

Now in the Void he must survive

(Shows him being attacked by some inhabitits)

And maybe on the way save some lives

(Showing him save Quincy from a blaster)

He is an absorber who is here to save the day

(Showing Kevin act all broad)

He's Kevin 11!

(Kevin's shows up with the logo above his head)