General Information
Leader Xyrion Command
Xyrion Leader (Science/Research)
Creator Xyrion Command
Other Info
Notable Members Xyrions
Allies US Government (Formerly)
Objectives Unknown
Status Active
First Appearance Reborn

Xyrions are a group of Mutants in the series, Mutant Drake.


Xyrions are big humanoid Mutants that have blue and white skin with a purple underline to it. They have one big, glossy eye that is colored with a blend of teal and violet while positioned in the center of their small faces. Their mouth parts are similar to those of an insect and reside by their chin. They also have over sized arms that hang downwards as well as claw-like hands and humanoid legs.


Xyrions appear to be very single-minded, only following commands from their superior, the Xyrion Leader. They also don't seem to talk often but communicate through grunts, growls and snarls. When they do speak, it is usually in an unrecognizable language and to each other discreetly. However, there are occasions were a selected few are "allowed" to talk but seemingly only to their superiors.

Powers and Abilities

Xyrions have enhanced strength and are able to throw things across rooms and lift heavy objects. They are also quite durable as they are able to withstand a strike for a powerful ax-like weapon without any slashes.


Working Undetected

Impetus Discovery


Baiting the Vigilante

Nexus Inflitration



Mutant Drake


  • Xyrion comes from the term, Deoxyribonucleic acid.
  • Xyrions were called Unknown Mutants for the first part of Season 2.
    • The placeholder name was even played upon by John several times as he states they should probably call them something else.
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