Xylene E-10
General Information
Species Uxorite
Affiliations DNA Force
Occupation Omnitrix Carrier
Powers and abilities
Abilities Flight
Prehensile Head Tentacles
Prehensile Tongue
Enhanced Intelligence
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Dexterity
Enhanced Reflexes
Alias Omnitrix's carrier
Voice Actor Grey DeLisle
First Appearance The Watch That Changed Everything

Xylene is a female Uxorite from the distant planet Ringa Morr. She, like others of her species, has the powers and abilities of telekinesis and flight, as well as hand-to-hand combat skills, enhanced intelligence, and extensive knowledge of the Omnitrix.


While Xylene was carrying the Omnitrix, a group of Weatherheads attacked her, seeking the device, causing Xylene to make the big decision of sending it to Earth, as she was deciding which planet to leave it on. With the pressure of being attacked, her ship crashed into the Earth's orbit and landed in a forest in the middle of Dellsview.

Unfortunately, Xylene’s ship suffered a major blow from a Weatherhead warship and crashed on Earth. She was then frozen for quite some time until she is awaken from her pod. Injured to move, she sends out a rescue call for anyone nearby to assist her. When Ethan reaches to her cry of help, he opens the pod and she begs Ethan to give him the pod with the Omnitrix. She eventually passes out, Ethan then assuming she died when he hears no pulse. Xylene's fate is currently unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Xylene is telekinetic, meaning that she can exert force on objects and people with her mind, causing purple aura to appear on what she uses her power on. She is able to levitate and fly, seemingly using her power on herself without causing aura to appear on her.

She can also use the tentacles on her head, as well as her prehensile tongue, as a weapon.


Xylene's main weakness is her not being as durable as other beings, meaning she can be physically harmed more easily.



  • Xylene's story is very similar to how Hal Jordan is asked to give the ring in Green Lantern.
  • The name of her species, Uxorite, is a direct reference to the connection between her and Max, "uxor" being the Latin word for wife.
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