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General Information


Home Planet:

Osmos V

Other Info
Crimes: Various
Goal: To steal the Omnitrix
Abilities: None; Bounty Hunter
1st appearance: Let's Get an Upgrade: Part 1
Arch-enemy: Ben Tennyson
Henchmen/Leader: The Omega (current employer)

Xilar is one of the main villains of Ben 10.5. He is about 26 years-old and is from Osmos V, though he is a human.

Physical Appearance

He looks like any ordinary human, with brown hair and blue eyes, but he always wears sunglasses, so nobody really knows what color his eyes are. He is about the height of Ben 10,000, maybe a little taller even. He has a leather jacket on. Because he was hired by The Omega, he wears multiple weapons to take down several of Ben's aliens.

Undercover Jobs

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He has 20 Omni-grenades (made by the Galvans, are they evil now or something?), a sword, a plasma-wired shield, a grappling hook, and a hoverboard. At times he tends to carry a Proto-Tool.


Ben 10.5

Season One

Season Two

Ben 10: Ultimate Power

Season One


Any last words, Tennyson? I'm collecting them.

–To Ben Tennyson in Let's Get an Upgrade: Part 2.

The power....I can feel it flowing through my veins! Now, Tennyson, YOU will be the first to feel my wrath!

–To Ben Tennyson in Power Overload: Part 1.

I am stronger than before, I have learned to control my power! I guess being raised on Osmos V has its advantages.


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