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The Xceedtrix is one of Ben 10K's creations and the successor of The Omnitrix.


The Xceedtrix resembles an armband. It's faceplate is an elongated plate on top of the watch and has an hour glass with green scheme on top. The faceplate is white with the green hourglass, representing the intergalactic peace symbol, and it has DNA tubes next to the wristbands. It is activated by slightly shaking the Xceedtrix, and it only responds to the user's touch. The alien grid pops up, and by sliding trough the aliens presented, the wanted alien is selected by touch, making the grid slide back and the Xceedtrix's core is revealed.


To promote inter-species understanding by allowing other beings to experience different ways of life and to serve as a repository for the DNA of over a million different intelligent species, preserving them in the event that any of them should ever be rendered extinct and restore them to life.


  • Active: Active Mode is the Xceedtrix's default mode - the Xceedtrix can be used and nothing is wrong.
  • Recharge: It's only activated when Ben commands it. Being used for brief periods of time can already fully recharge the Xceedtrix.
  • Scan: The symbol turns a bright yellow and starts spinning. When it detects the source, it stops spinning and shoots a yellow beam, which rapidly analyzes the DNA and adds it to the last non-full playlist.
  • Randomizer: The Xceedtrix has a randomizer function that works in one of two ways: either the user will continuously change between different aliens every few minutes before timing out, or they will turn into one random alien for an inconsistently short period of time before changing back.
  • Life-Form Lock: Allows the user to stay transformed for an extended period of time without a time-out.
  • Master Control: The user can transform with a simple thought, neglecting the use of the dial. The limiter is also disabled, allowing the user to stay transformed indefinitely.



  • Just like the original Omnitrix and the Ultimatrix, the Xceedtrix mainly allows for the user to alter their DNA at will and transform into a numerous variety of alien species that are each with their own unique powers and abilities (along with their weaknesses) and in a selection of alien DNA that is in groups of 10.
  • The Xceedtrix has a holographic interface, where a holographic circle is shown, with the top half having alien faces, which is activated and scrolls through the aliens by the user touching the faceplate, or in other ways, scrolling up and down or scrolling in a circle, akin to a touch screen. The faceplate will then slide open automatically after Ben chooses his alien, after that, the Xceedtrix's core will come out. When pressed, it will trigger the transformation.
  • The Xceedtrix has a DNA scanner.
  • The Xceedtrix has a quick-change feature that automatically transforms the user back to normal when they are done using their transformation, causing it not to time out and allowing the user to transform again far quicker.
  • Manually touching the Xceedtrix symbol not only can allow the user to immediately transform back into normal but can be used to transform into different alien forms while already transformed.
  • The Xceedtrix has a Master Control.
  • The Xceedtrix has a Randomizer Function that turns the user into a different amount of aliens at random moments, being randomly selective of the transformations.
  • The Xceedtrix can add extra features to alien forms in order to make them safer/more stable.
  • The Xceedtrix can synchronize with another Omnitrix if activated at the same time.
  • Unlike the original Omnitrix and the Ultimatrix, the Xceedtrix does not mistransform.
  • When Ben switches forms as an alien, he is still manipulating the controls. Switching from alien to alien without changing back to Ben always works, and it doesn't affect the Xceedtrix.
  • The Xceedtrix does not rely on the Codon Stream for transformation. Instead, the DNA is stored within itself in a computerized form.
  • The Xceedtrix can change the user's gender to adapt to another species.
  • The Xceedtrix has it's own AI.
  • The Xceedtrix can detect other Matrix cores, like Eunice.
  • The Xceedtrix doesn't require certain voice commands, as Ben made the Xceedtrix able to interpretate his commands without the need of specific codes.
  • It cannot be hacked, copied or removed.
  • The Xceedtrix is able to repair genetic damage.


  • The Xceedtrix has a 2-way communication system with Plumber Badges.
  • The Xceedtrix can also record messages, similar to voicemail.
  • The Xceedtrix has the functionalities of a regular digital watch.
  • The Xceedtrix adapts the clothing that best fits the alien the user transforms into.
  • The Xceedtrix has a built-in Universal Translator.
  • The Xceedtrix has a distress signal function and homing device, as Azmuth was able to find and rescue Ben when was trapped inside the Incursean Exile Pod.
  • The Xceedtrix has a security lock system so that it can only be used by the user, as well as an alternate identification program if changes by outside forces occurs to the user.
  • The Xceedtrix has a fail-safe that kicks in in the event that the user's life is in jeopardy. This feature turns them into the needed alien to survive.
  • The Xceedtrix has fail-safes installed that prevent Galvanic Mechamorphs from tampering with the device.
  • Xceed Forms: by pressing the Xceedtrix symbol when transformed, the user will activate the Xceed Mode, where the alien gains 100% of their capabilities and lose their weaknesses. Most of them give the aliens new abilities, courtesy of the Xceed armors. Unfortunately, this feature can only be used for five minutes.

Accessible Playlist


  1. Elements
  2. Power-Up
  3. SnowBeast
  4. Big Nose
  5. Batbolt
  6. Sandbox
  7. Blasturtle
  8. XYZ
  9. Chimera
  10. Mage
  11. Arctiguana
  12. Blitzwolfer
  13. Buzzshock
  14. Cannonbolt
  15. Diamondhead
  16. Ditto
  17. Eye Guy
  18. Four Arms
  19. Frankenstrike
  20. Ghostfreak
  21. Grey Matter
  22. Heatblast
  23. Ripjaws
  24. Snare-Oh
  25. Spitter
  26. Stinkfly
  27. Upchuck
  28. Upgrade
  29. Way Big
  30. Wildmutt
  31. Wildvine
  32. XLR8
  33. Alien X
  34. Big Chill
  35. Brainstorm
  36. Chromastone
  37. Echo Echo
  38. Goop
  39. Humungousaur
  40. Jetray
  41. Lodestar
  42. Nanomech
  43. Rath
  44. Spidermonkey
  45. Swampfire
  46. AmpFibian
  47. Armodrillo
  48. Chamalien
  49. Clockwork
  50. Eatle
  51. Fasttrack
  52. Juryrigg
  53. NRG
  54. Shocksquatch
  55. Terraspin
  56. Water Hazard
  57. Astrodactyl
  58. Atomix
  59. Ball Weevil
  60. Bloxx
  61. Bullfrag
  62. Crashhopper
  63. Feedback
  64. Gravattack
  65. Gutrot
  66. Hardsoft (Formerly known as The Worst)
  67. Kickin Hawk
  68. Molestache
  69. Pesky Dust
  70. Toepick
  71. Walkatrout
  72. Whampire
  73. Snakepit
  74. Squidstrictor
  75. Rocks
  76. Gax
  77. Highbreed
  78. Ventrilosquid
  79. Colony
  80. Banshee
  81. Shadoll
  82. Krillter
  83. Penguinja
  84. Anteaplug
  85. Decimus Prime
  86. Sharkobyl
  87. Portaler
  88. Harbinger
  89. Braindrain
  90. Funguy
  91. Xplode
  92. Bungee Sponge
  93. Hippopotamass
  94. Transmutor
  95. Kringl the Summoner
  96. Jak the Freeze
  97. Shellhead
  98. Terrorsaur
  99. Warp
  100. Gurge
  101. Shadowman
  102. Invincible
  103. Plasmaguard
  104. Barfamel
  105. Foreseer
  106. Rockstone
  107. Pestihealer
  108. Fire Crusader
  109. Tentricole
  110. TenTen
  111. Oceonic Boom
  112. Slowpoke
  113. Storn
  114. Fire N' Roll
  115. Bloodwork
  116. Crawler
  117. Tremble
  118. Cristalite
  119. Carrion
  120. Leviathan
  121. Big Mouth
  122. Hypno-Tick
  123. Insonium


  1. Xceed Elements
  2. Xceed Power-Up
  3. Xceed SnowBeast
  4. Xceed Big Nose
  5. Xceed Batbolt
  6. Xceed Sandbox
  7. Xceed Blasturtle
  8. Xceed XYZ
  9. Xceed Chimera
  10. Xceed Mage
  11. Xceed Arctiguana
  12. Xceed Blitzwolfer
  13. Xceed Buzzshock
  14. Xceed Cannonbolt
  15. Xceed Diamondhead
  16. Xceed Ditto
  17. Xceed Eye Guy
  18. Xceed Four Arms
  19. Xceed Frankenstrike
  20. Xceed Ghostfreak
  21. Xceed Grey Matter
  22. Xceed Heatblast
  23. Xceed Ripjaws
  24. Xceed Snare-Oh
  25. Xceed Spitter
  26. Xceed Stinkfly
  27. Xceed Upchuck
  28. Xceed Upgrade
  29. Xceed Way Big
  30. Xceed Wildmutt
  31. Xceed Wildvine
  32. Xceed XLR8
  33. Xceed Alien X
  34. Xceed Big Chill
  35. Xceed Brainstorm
  36. Xceed Chromastone
  37. Xceed Echo Echo
  38. Xceed Goop
  39. Xceed Humungousaur
  40. Xceed Jetray
  41. Xceed Lodestar
  42. Xceed Nanomech
  43. Xceed Rath
  44. Xceed Spidermonkey
  45. Xceed Swampfire
  46. Xceed AmpFibian
  47. Xceed Armodrillo
  48. Xceed Chamalien
  49. Xceed Clockwork
  50. Xceed Eatle
  51. Xceed Fasttrack
  52. Xceed Juryrigg
  53. Xceed NRG
  54. Xceed Shocksquatch
  55. Xceed Terraspin
  56. Xceed Water Hazard
  57. Xceed Astrodactyl
  58. Xceed Atomix
  59. Xceed Ball Weevil
  60. Xceed Bloxx
  61. Xceed Bullfrag
  62. Xceed Crashhopper
  63. Xceed Feedback
  64. Xceed Gravattack
  65. Xceed Gutrot
  66. Xceed Hardsoft
  67. Xceed Kickin Hawk
  68. Xceed Molestache
  69. Xceed Pesky Dust
  70. Xceed Toepick
  71. Xceed Walkatrout
  72. Xceed Whampire
  73. Xceed Portaler
  74. Xceed Gax
  75. Xceed Braindrain
  76. Xceed TenTen
  77. Xceed Sharkobyl