Xceed Spidermonkey

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Xceed Spidermonkey is the Xceedtrix's DNA sample of an Xceeded Arachnichimp from the planet Aranhaschimmia.


Xceed Spidermonkey has a large gorilla-like robotic body with two pairs of eyes. He lacks Spidermonkey's extra pair of arms and legs, but they are replaced with three pairs of spider legs. He has a cannon on his back to shoot webs, spiked shoulder pads and a stinger on his back, right below the area where the spider legs come out of. Xceed Spidermonkey wears the Xceedtrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Xceed Spidermonkey is stronger than his devolved form, being strong enough to take down a Tetramand.

Xceed Spidermonkey's webbing appears to be somewhat unlimited, as he can create enough webbing to make a soft cushion to land on if falling.

Xceed Spidermonkey is highly agile, as he can jump extremely high and can run very fast despite his large stature.

Xceed Spidermonkey's spider legs can pull things and break them almost like he is using his hands. They're sharp enough to pierce a concrete wall, so he can use them to climb walls.

Xceed Spidermonkey is very durable and can survive in space due to his armor.




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