Xceed Goop

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Xceed Goop is the Xceedtrix's DNA sample of an Xceeded Polymorph from the planet Viscosia.


Different from most Xceeds which evolve the main alien form, Xceed Goop is basically the Xceed form of his Anti-Gravity Projector. It now has a more humanoid shape, similar to the original Goop, having long arms and legs, while covered in armor. The Xceedtrix symbol is located on his chest. The goop creature is similar to his 18-year old self, although now it has three white eyes and a visible mouth.

Powers and Abilities

As the Anti-Gravity Projector, Ben is able to control the giant acid Goop that stands below him, copying his every movement. In addition to having greater control of the body, the goop creature has all the abilities of the original, being much stronger and agile, as he is being controlled by a humanoid projector. Both forms are also indestructible, the projector due to his armor, and the goop creature due to his body consistency. It can also change his shape, and in the case of the projector being disconnected, Ben won't become human again, it will just move without the goop creature, rendering it immobile.




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