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Xanthous P
Xanthous P.jpeg
General Information
Species Mutant Pikachu
Powers and Equipment
Powers Electrokinesis

Super Strength

Pokémon Info
Types Eletric
Moves Volt Tackle

Electro Ball Thunder Punch Brutal Swing

Ability Static
Affiliations Fighty Fox
Voice Actor Ryan Reynolds

Xanthous P is a villain in Pokémon Sky. He first appeared in Pokémon Sky: Mystery Dungeon. He is a mutant Pikachu from The Off-the-ground.


Xanthous P is a horrific yellow beast with large muscles, horn-like ears, and a lighting bolt shaped tail.


Xanthous P is vicious. He will turn and rend underlings with his sharp teeth if they do much as touch his tail. He occasionally treks out to thunderstorms to power up. He is deceivingly cunning as well.

Powers and Abilities

He has immense command over electricity. He is also incredibly strong.


Xanthous P's past is unknown. He seemingly appeared one day with Fighty Fox to cause mayhem.



  • Xanthous P is based on Pikachu from Pokémon, Rubeus J from Yo-kai Watch, and the ever infamous Pikadorf from moveswaps of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • If it wasn't obvious, neither him nor Fighty Fox are meant to be taken seriously.
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