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Xangoose is the Nemetrix DNA sample of a herpexigoose from an unknown planet on Earth-68. Xangoose is the natural predator of Ssslither.

Xangoose (Earth-68)
General Information
Species Herpexigoose
Home World Unknown
Body Mongoose
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Agility
X shaped claws
Blade Projectiles
Acid Immunity
Enhanced Smelling
Enhanced Sight
Enhanced Hearing
First Appearance Of Predators and Prey (Jane Smith 10)
Predator/Prey Ssslither


Xangoose is a large white mongoose, with a long tail, the end having a pinwheel shaped blade, with seven blades on it and missing one. Each of its four feet has four claws, in an x shaped. Its eyes resemble cat eyes.

When used by Nails, her eyes are milky white.

Powers and Abilities

Xangoose has enhanced agility to hunt down its prey. The structure of its claws allow them to dig into the ground and pin their prey, preventing them from shedding their skin to escape. It can fire the blades on its pinwheel tail as projectiles, to pierce and pin the target down as well.

Xangoose's fur acts like a barrier, trapping in liquids and acids and causing them to drip down.

Xangoose has enhanced smelling, hearing and sight.

Dimension 3 (Jane Smith 10)

Xangoose debuts in Jane Smith 10, as its prey, Ssslither, debuted in this series as well. It is a transformation of Nails, a sapient being who can use the Nemetrix. She is blind in this series.

By Nails

Dimension 1 (John Smith 10)

John Smith 10: Omniverse

By Khyber's Pet

Cybeast Xangoose (John 23: Megaman)

Cybeast Xangoose is the version of Xangoose to appear in Dimension 23, used by the cyborg beast Treble. It has purple metal armor on its back and top of head going over its eyes, as well as along its legs.



  • Xangoose's name and appearance is based off the Pokémon Zangoose. The X sound has the same sound as the Z, the two being pronounced the same.
  • This pairing of predator and prey is based off Zangoose and Seviper's rivalry in Pokémon, which resembles the rivalry between mongooses and cobras.