General Information
Species Dalek
Home World Scaro
Body Mechanical-organic Mutant.
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Death Ray, Plunger Arm, Flight, Explosives, Shield.
XTRMN8 is a Dalek from the planet Skaro in Kenn 10: Omnistorm.


XTRMN8 is comprised of an organic inside and a hard metalic exterior shell. The body of the Dalek is comprised of a blue and grye colour scheme, with most of the body being a dark blue. The Trix symbol is also blue and can be seen on the mid-section jsut between the upper and lower parts of the Dalek inbetween the death-ray arm and plunger arm.

The eyestalk has the standard blue light shining from it as most Daleks do. Unlike most alien transformations the colouring of the Dalek can very depending on the state of the Trix when transforming from Red, to gold and silver and so forth.

Powers and Abilities

 He has superior vision due to his eyestalk.

His manipulator arm can adapt to technology.

His gunstick is able to shoot out a death ray, which can be changed to be either weaker or to this level of power.

The Travel Machine armor has an internal power supply.

There is a force field given off by the Travel Machine.

The bottom of the Travel Machine gives XTRMN8 the ability to fly.

He is an expert in biological warfare.

The studs on the bottom part of the Travel Machine can be used as implosive bombs.

He can use his Travel Machine to create a temporal shift to escape certain enemies.


 XTRMN8's eyestalk can be blocked or covered for brief amounts of time to block it's ability to see though it can be melted away.

The Dalek shield can be taken down/empaired by EMP or if shot at enough.

If it's attacks are deflected back at it XTRMN8 can be destroyed or heavily damanged.

The bombs on it's body can be used against it to damage it.

Because this transformation is a Dalek it's own personality almost entirely consumes Kennedy's though she still has control. Much like the Rath transformation's personality is differnet from the original form. Dalek's are prone to believe they are superior to all other races and that they have the right/desire to destroy any and all races that aren't their own. As such in this form XTRMN8 can and will kill someone if needed.


XTRMN8 is an alien that has yet to be unlocked by Kennedy but will be unlocked in season 1 of Omnistorm.


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Other Series

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  • XTRMN8 is named much like XLR8 and NRG where his/her name is an acronym that spells an actual word but means nothing aside from that.
  • Much like Rath the Trix wearer's personality is altered when transformed.
  • Dalek's are comprised of both mechanical and organic nature.


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