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Fusamatrix He is a combination of XLR8 and Upgrade.

Species: 1/2 Kinetceleran 1/2 Galvan Metamorph


He has XLR8's legs and tail. His head, arms, and chest are from Upgrade's body.

Powers and Abilities

Being 1/2 Kinetceleran he possesses extroridinary speed. Using this speed he is able to create wind-based attacks, such as tornadoes. With his Galvan Metamorph powers he can possess machines and techonology. He can shoot a green laser form his eye. Since he is metalic liquid he can change his shape and stretch his body freely. With XLR8's speed he can boost the speed of any machine he possesses.

Combo move: Speed Laser: Even while in possession of tech. he can use this abitily. XLRgrade spins around in a very fast circle while shooting lasers. These lasers go in every direction. He has little control of this power.


Being made of 50% metal he is weak to eletricity and magnets. He sometimes goes too fast and skips over thing in plain sight. He has a hard time running on some sufaces such as ice and strong adhesives.


Ben 10 Fusions

Orgins of the Fusamatrix (first appearance) (x2)


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