Xlr8 re


General Information
Species Kineceleran
Home Planet Kinet
Body Humanoid Velociraptor
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Jumping
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Recovery
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Dexterity
Enhanced Durability
Sharp Claws
Wall and Water Running
Prehensile Tail
Weaknesses Slippery Surfaces
Equipment Helmet with Facemask
Used By Ben Prime
Ben Delta
Mad Ben
Ken 10
Ben 10'000 (fusions)
Ben 23'000
Ben 23
Alternate Counterparts Speedyquick (Dimension 23)
Appears in Death of Ben 10
Ben 10: Reboot Revolution
Ben 10: Delta Days
XLR8 is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Kineceleran from the planet Kinet in Earth-1010.


XLR8 resembles a semi-armoured Velociraptor. He has black wheels on his feet and wears a helmet with a visor, leaving the other features of his head unknown. Whenever the visor does come up, one can see that he has a blue face, green eyes, black lips, and stripes above and on the right side of his eyes. He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest. He has four blue stripes on his tail.

Powers and Abilities

Using the balls on his feet, XLR8 can manipulate friction to gain incredible speed in short amounts of time (sometimes as fast as 500 mph in 2 seconds). He is fast enough to run across the surface of water. His reflexes are so fast he can dodge attacks easily, providing he is ready for them.

He has incredibly high dexterity, allowing to complete human tasks in small fractions of the time. His thought power is also accelerated.

XLR8 can utilise his speed to deliver powerful rapid-fire attacks, such as excessively kicking his foe.

XLR8's scissor-like claws can cut through many materials with relative ease.

His prehensile tail is strong enough to hold his own body weight.

By running rapidly in a circle or spinning himself, XLR8 can generate powerful tornadoes via a centripetal vacuum.


His speed does not work on all surfaces, and he finds it hard to control himself on ice. He can also be trapped by strong adhesives.

His movement can be restricted greatly of his tail becomes trapped.


Death of Ben 10

XLR8 was first used by Mad Ben in the Prologue to avoid an attack from Apollo.

He was then used by Ken 10 in Chapter 5 to run from Eon, at Ben 10'000's request.

He was first used by Ben Prime in Chapter 6 to return to Plumber HQ.

Ben 10: Reboot Revolution

Ben Prime used Delta XLR8 in Chapter 7 to rush away and retrieve Azmuth so he could swap the two Bens' Omnitrixes.

Ben 10: Delta Days

Ben Delta used XLR8 in Ancient Alien to quickly find the entrance to the quarry.


Death of Ben 10

Ben Prime

Mad Ben

Ken 10

Ben 23'000

Ben 23

Ben 10: Reboot Revolution

Ben Prime (using Delta Omnitrix)

Ben 10: Delta Days

Ben Delta


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