General Information
Species 1/2 Kineceleran
1/2 Vulpimancer (Vulpiceleran)
Body Animalistic
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Recovery
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Jumping
Vortex Creation
Enhanced Stamina
Enhanced Smelling
Enhanced Digging
Sharp Claws
Sharp Teeth

XLR-Mutt is a fusion between XLR8 and Wildmutt, and forms part of the Biomnitrix Unleashed project, as well as being one of the original fusions from the DNA Lab. This remake was created by Rizegreymon22 of Deviantart.


XLR-Mutt has Wildmutt's physical form with XLR8's colouration, and XLR8's helmet with Wildmutt's lower jaw protruding from it. Wildmutt's nostrils are present on the neck, and his forearms end in three claws similar to the claws on XLR8's hands. His rear legs are those of XLR8, as is his tail, and the spines on his elbows. His chest is green and the Biomnitrix symbol is located in the centre of the chest.


  • He has super speed, and is capable of running at 805 kilometers per hour.
  • He can run in circles to generate vortexes.
  • He can clear large distances if he jumps while running.
  • He has a keen sense of smell and hearing.
  • He possesses sharp claws and teeth.
  • He can combine his super speed with his claws to deliver brutal slashes.
  • His tail is prehensile and can be used to hold on to things.
  • He can balance on his hind legs and deliver punches.


  • He can't run on slippery or sticky surfaces.
  • If his tail is pinned down he cannot move.
  • He is rendered 'blind' if he contracts a cold as his nostrils become blocked.
  • A high-pitched sound can overwhelm his senses.
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