Worldwind is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Radial Sphearaterran from the Spiraling Abyss. He is a free-to-use alien, and exists within the Earth-216 universe, the main universe of Multiverse vs. Tennyson.


Worldwind's appearance is represented as a tall, robotic humanoid with dense, plated armor covering his entire body, colored differing shades of dark-orange and dark-brown, while also possessing mechanical facial features atop his face, including two, brightly-highlighted eyes, and a naturally-formed, heavily-armored mouthpiece covering the lower-half of his face. He distinctly possesses both broad shoulders, and extremely-bulky, double-jointed segments composing that of his wrists and ankles, connecting his large hands and feet to the lowermost joints of his forearms and shins, with four fingers on each hand, open sockets on the center of his palms, and featureless, boot-shaped feet.

Worldwind lacks an overall outfit, but has two pairs of metallic bright-green bands, one around the center of each of his forearms, and another around the center of both of his shins. The Omnitrix symbol is located on his right outer-shoulder.

Powers and Abilities

Worldwind's primary ability is manipulation over centrifugal force, the force that acts outward on an object moving around a center, arising from the object's own inertia, allowing Worldwind to channel and generate centrifugal force from the large joints composing his wrists and ankles, utilizing their own stored kinetic energy to power his ability, and release the stored centrifugal force through the openings on his palms, allowing him to rapidly rotate whatever object is in his hands and cause them to rotate with as much speed as he desires.

Alternatively, Worldwind can use his power of centrifugal force manipulation to cause a currently-spinning object to cease rotation all together so rapidly he can neutralize the speed of a miniature hurricane in seconds. In addition, spiraling his hands at rapid rotational speed and using them for physical combat can have extremely destructive aspects, greatly boosting his output of strength so much he can rip apart whatever his spinning hands impale from the inside out, almost acting like powerful drills.

Worldwind's powers of manipulating centrifugal force of objects additionally allows him to control and manipulate the wind around him to a limited, but relatively-powerful degree, using it to either enhance his physical combat with volatile, pressurized punches, or create powerful, rapidly-rotating vortexes that can throw people about, rapidly extinguish active fires, and propel his own body up into the air with great force. His limited manipulation over wind grows stronger as he grows old, and will eventually reach a full-fledged degree of aerokinesis.

Worldwind can be empowered by the presence of kinetic energy, either produced from his own body through his rotating joints, or from an external force he can get close enough to manually absorb through the openings in his palms. Absorbing pre-existing kinetic energy can even boost the current speed of his centrifugal force generation, dependent on how much he's absorbing.

Worldwind's natural armor is highly durable, able to naturally withstand much shock impact, and is almost entirely invulnerable to the effects of extreme wind pressure, molten temperatures, and lethal radiation. His mechanical nature and added mouthpiece grant him life support in situations without the requirement of oxygen, such as the inside of a windstorm, and thus, additionally allows him survivability in the vacuum of space.


Worldwind's abilities of manipulating centrifugal force are incredibly destructive if not kept in check, with disastrous consequences if they grow out-of-control, such as frail objects being destroyed by the rotational force he inputs on them, or literal humans being torn apart by him inflicting them with his power.

Strong adhesives, or powerful abilities that can influence motion, including gravitational or kinetic energy manipulation, can restrain Worldwind's wrists, the openings in his palms, and ankles can neutralize his ability entirely, not able to function properly. In addition, if his ability to store kinetic energy is somehow neutralized, his ability can also be neutralized, as he can't produce any centrifugal force.

Worldwind is a mechanical being, and thus, vulnerable to the effects of those with the ability of technology manipulation, such as Galvanic Mechamorphs and Planchaküles. However, due to his artificial, man-made nature, he can't be killed through dismantlement and are able to be rebuilt, although total dismantlement of his entire body will weaken him and render him unable to move.

Background Info

Very little is known about the creation of the artificial species of the Radial Sphearaterrans, but what is known is that they were born on the barren wastelands of an unnamed rocky planet known simply as the Spiraling Abyss, left desolate and near-unlivable for its surface constantly plagued by powerful windstorms, thus receiving its nickname by many alien travelers who have attempted to visit it.

Prior to their extinction by their own planet's constant hurricanes, their Sphearaterran ancestors wished to create guardians capable of countering and controlling these windstorms, and soon built the ancestors of the mechanical Radial Sphearaterrans. Naturally built to be sustained and empowered by the kinetic energy of the windstorms, they developed the power of manipulating centrifugal force and controlling the rotation of the cyclones. Their efforts were successful, but only for periodic times at first, and thus, their ancestors eventually went extinct, with further knowledge lost to time, leaving only the Radial Sphearaterrans to control and rule over the Spiraling Abyss, sustaining themselves with kinetic energy to stay running. As of the year 2020, over 5.5 million Radial Sphearaterrans currently live within the Spiraling Abyss, spending their days tending to their civilizations and fighting their own windstorms.

Over the years, many Radial Sphearaterrans have left the planet for wishing of escaping their home-planet's own natural disasters, and used their natural power of manipulating rotational force for destructive powers. Although some have attempted planetary invasion through causing destruction by artificially-created windstorms, many joined armies to use their powers for warfare to evoke planetary justice and liberation.

The Omnitrix, of Dimension 10, known simply as the Prime universe, unlocks its Radial Sphearaterran DNA sample after scanning Michael Spinner, a Radial Sphearaterran Plumber currently situated on one of Earth's many headquarters, under said human identity to allow him to integrate better with society.




Worldwind is a free-to-use alien, so feel free to use him in your own series.

  • Worldwind may appear in Multiverse vs. Tennyson.


  • Worldwind's name is a combination of the word "world", referring to his power of manipulating centrifugal force, similar to the natural rotation of a planet, and "whirlwind", referring to his secondary ability of manipulating and creating powerful wind vortexes through his generated centrifugal force.
  • Worldwind's species name of "Radial Sphearaterran", specifically the latter half, is the word "spheara-", the Latin translation for the word "spinning", referring to Worldwind's ability of inducing rotation in objects, and the species suffix of "-terran", referring to how the Sphearaterrans are from a rocky planet.
    • The "Radial" part of his name simply again refers to his ability of manipulating centrifugal force and inducing rotation.
  • Worldwind's inclusion of an unofficial planet name opposed to its actual name was meant to indicate how mysterious the planet of the Spiraling Abyss was, as not many alien species that aren't the Sphearaterrans themselves have been capable of visiting it and withstanding its lethal natural disasters.
  • Ben 23's nickname of Worldwind would be "Mr. Twister", a pun as both "mister" and "twister" rhyme with one another.
  • The idea of Worldwind was tossed around for a long time, possibly a couple months, although mainly existing as a name and the idea of an alien that can cause objects to rotate.
  • Worldwind was created as WTB's Alien Creation Contest submission for Summer Fanon Con 2020, and thus, was created added background lore of his species and home-planet.
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